Sunday Currently Pg. 9 | I’m Sad

Struggling. That’s what could sum up my life this year. This part of Sunday Currently may not be relevant to what I’m gonna write next, or can be but I guess this version not gonna be about my Sunday but rather my Sundays. 

I hope you can finish this one and yeah, help me.

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My vision has failed me

How tough are you to keep on walking even if you can’t see what you’re walking into? Will you hate life because apart from experiencing some challenging situations is you even has to answer a challenging question? Dang it.

Forget the weird introduction but if you want to continue reading this, then keep going. You might learn something in the end.

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My photography essentials

1525839475060 VIVO

My friends usually ask me what I use for my photographs. They want to know if I am using an analog, a digital camera, or just a phone because they love the quality of each photos I post and they want to know which app I’m using. Well, I cannot lie to say that I edit most of my photos – edit it in a way of getting the look that I want without over polishing it (or depends with my mood).

If you can see most of my photos, it has grainy effect which is my favorite because it shows a vintage look – vintage is my thing. Ya know! Apart from it, the lighting affects my photographs so there is no consistency with the look. That’s why I try to put presets on it so the looks that I want stay consistent as possible.

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Why I always choose Liwliwa, Zambales


I am sure that I am not the only one who’s excited for Summer. Aside from the itch of going to the beach, it is as well my birth month. The last time I went to the beach was in Elyu November last year. The vibes of the people giving, the sound of the waves, the music you listen to, the roughness of the sand – to be honest, there are many reasons of choosing the beach instead of visiting your relatives or going to Baguio or anywhere cool.

There are so many beaches in the Philippines; there are undiscovered yet, there are crowded beaches, and there are underrated types. My favorite beaches are wavy ones like in La Union or in Siargao. I’m not a surfer nor a swimmer but it’s weird to say that I feel relax whenever I’m challenged by the water. Continue reading “Why I always choose Liwliwa, Zambales”

What I gained from the bloggers during Chinatown photowalk

Hello everyone! We are here in… saan na nga ulit? Ongpin!

Well that was what I mostly hear from the bloggers who film their selves for their IG story. The tour at the Chinatown was another great experience of mine which I think the good part was I didn’t expect to really get close with these bloggers the whole day. In case you ask why we’re in Binondo is because we are to involve the upcoming Chinese New Year with a popular brand.

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So, this is what Venice looks like


I haven’t traveled abroad. I haven’t even been to Italy. But when I do, I just book a Grab.

It’s 3 in the morning when I prep my things for a photo shoot. I was quite excited which had me stare at my closet deciding what to wear. It was cold that morning so I grab my fave blue three-quarter sleeve shirt and wore my only ripped jeans. I wore my white shoes and took my cousin’s old cap then head to Venice.

I was my first. I never thought I would have the chance to enter that 19 century architectural place. What I even like with this experience was that the place was still close – means that it wan’t crowded.


It was 8 in the morning when these birds hung out with us by the tent. To be honest, I only see flock of doves on TV. Too bad, I didn’t see them being fed during the photo shoot because I was out for some errands.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is the grand canal.


Seeing the turquoise water or the canal itself was enough with me. Seeing those models riding the gondola was already fine with me as long as they enjoyed and experienced it.


But I was given a chance to ride it. So, that’s how it felt like. It was relaxing and magical. Yeah. Magical was too cheesy I know but the ambiance was kinda romantic. You will understand what I mean if the ad material came out.

For now, I just want you to see the people behind the cameras.


Sorry, I said people but I only showed my manager. Yeah, we were all tired but riding the gondola was our sort of reward for the day.


That’s a wrap for now. Thank you!


Ci sentiamo,