Satchmi: A nostalgic shop

Ever since we’re kids, coffee has always been on the table no matter what time of the day you want it – breakfast, lunch, dinner. This drink is always number one on your list over milk, or sometimes hot chocolate. Thus, I’m never curious why so many coffee shops are established nowadays.

2017-10-12 08.12_satchmi

On my way to work, this shop I always passed by has never given me a time to sit and enjoy their menu. I never was. It’s just in time that I should drop off my film to that place. Great. I went there the time I was broke. No worries, I still had the experience to enter the dark caramel shop. Continue reading “Satchmi: A nostalgic shop”


Art of the Month | September 2017

It’s already November and I believe that those who are sleeping have already awaken – or someone had woke them up. Anyway,  my schedule got tightened this September since I took part of launching a new product of a well-known mobile brand. That made all my personal plans postponed and cancelled. I will not insert a crying emoji tho because all the hard works and puyat and anxiety are paid off – as in literally bayad. I just haven’t received it yet. Aguy.

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On the other hand, I am glad to somehow able to finish one of my plans and that is to design a stamp for my shop.

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Trying to find my spot


My heart is overwhelmed with sadness tonight and I do not know if it’s right for me to write something about my dreaded feelings; but today, I just felt that something is wrong and that I strongly believe is not PMS. Today, I found my self fitting in in the crowd I have been with for almost a decade.

I would apologize if this emotion yearns for attention. I do not know. However, I apologize for showing people my fake emotion. It is indeed genuine but at the end of the day, I feel like those appreciation of mine are not worthy. At the end of the day, in that place with those people, I feel not welcome. At the end of the day, I see no transparency. I yearn for integrity and genuity. I am trying to find my spot. I am trying to find the place, the people, the event, where I do not feel alone.

I have been living for twenty years alone but why am I still not used to being an island. I guess, I am not trying to find my spot, I am trying to find the assurance.


Good night,

Cheap snail mail products

Sending letters is still working. The post offices around the country are still open. This kind of craft is making little noise so we, yes, even I, thought that snail mails are over. However, this year, I came to see the old letters my friend from Korea had sent me 3 years ago. I decided to send her my response through mail because I only responded via Kakaotalk.

Also, browsing on Instagram everyday, I saw people posting their creative mails which got me enlivened to really send my friend one. Another thing that have me work is when my blogger friend and I had tackled about sending letters to people on Christmas. (I’m sorry! I do not know if I should say this. Haha) Anyway, this time, I wanted to share with you the things I use at making mails


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Starter Pack for Film Photography First Timers

Time will come that film photography will be known again just like during its times. To make that happen, let me help you and let me provide the minds of the youth today how to start film photography.

Before getting yourself into film photography, I know you thoroughly searched the net where you’re going to get all the stuff you need. Lucky you, because you won’t have pressure at asking Google the whereabouts of the supplies you need. I’d listed it down for you.

First. CAMERA.

Of course, you need a camera. You can’t do this hobby without the main item. I started to love this hobby when I saw a lomo camera in one of the branches of Team Manila.

1. This is where I found Diana. This type of film camera is different from the SLR we usually think of. It has different lenses like fish eye, micro, and such. Most of these are small and if you’re really new to this kind of interest, you may think that it’s a toy. On the other hand, if you’re into VSCO filters, this kind provides variety of awesome film effect. Just shoot, no need to edit.

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What happened to me lately | Anniversary

Ngayon, nagdecide akong isulat ito sa Tagalog.
Sobrang daming title ang naiisip ko para sa article na ‘to sa pagsariwa ng nangyari sa’kin isang taon ang nakakalipas – Surviving the Pain 101, Those Faces I Want to Punch, Kill them with Kindness, at kung anu-ano pa. Kaso, minabuti kong simplehan nalang katulad ng ibang title.

Hindi na ‘ko magkukwento nang pinakanangyari. Sasabihin ko na lang kung ano ang nangyari pagkatapos.


Masakit. At masakit dahil ilang araw nalang bago ang kaarawan ng nanay ko. Regalo ko ang isang masamang balita. Kalmado kong sinabi pero alam ko umiiyak na siya. Hindi niya lang pinapakita. Hindi siya sumasabay sa tuwing dadapa nalang ako at hahagulgol. Parang tanga di ba? Parang tanga sa mga hindi nararamdaman ang sakit.

Isang buwan pagkatapos, may desisyon akong pwedeng gawin. Pwede akong bumawi, pwede akong lumaban pero hindi ko ginawa dahil ayokong magdesisyon ng sobrang lungkot o sobrang galit. Basta ang alam ko, bwisit kayo, pupunta akong Baguio.

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Nature friendly coffee shop

Some people know that I am fond of drinking coffee. However, this year, I decided to lie low in drinking because of my health. Still, the universe of coffee is pulling me closer with it’s aroma. I cannot contain.

While I was searching online for places in Manila, I found a photo of this coffee shop named Blocleaf Cafe. It is fascinating because of the calming interior it has. For a first time, I took the chance to visit and work in this Muji inspired cafeteria.


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Time to visit Escolta Manila

Escolta, if you haven’t heard, is an old street in Manila connected with Ongpin, Binondo, Sta Cruz, and Divisoria. I’ve been living in Manila for almost five years now and I have less interest with this area – not just Escolta but the the whole area after crossing Jones Bridge. I don’t like it since it is crowded and bit scary because I grew up hearing bad impressions. Since I was not much interested, I didn’t know where exactly Escolta is.

However, this year, I got a perfect time to know about this place. My experience was way different from what I heard. Thanks to my desperation in finding ways to sell my products and my excitement to use my film camera. I was able to discover about 98B Collaboratory – a place for crafters, and had a chance to enjoy Escolta Block Party.

I took the opportunity to explore the street after our event last Saturday. I called my mom to meet her in Binondo. The weather was gloomy but I love how it gave cool air which was perfect for the walk.

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Found a new hobby | Embroidery

At my age, there are many things to explore and discover and the internet helped me to find those.


Lately, I was searching more ideas for my online shop when I saw cute embroidery patterns on Instagram. I got fascinated with it since it was an old past-time. What I mean is that this hobby was during my grandma’s age and I’m glad that some people are still doing it.

Since I love vintage and traditional art, I decided to study and try embroidery. Continue reading “Found a new hobby | Embroidery”