Eat healthy | Eat Satinka Naturals

If you’re gonna ask me if I am vegan. No. I love vegetables and fresh food tho. I want to be a vegan but I can’t let go of samgyupsal. However, it might be hard for me if you’ll make me choose between kimchi or samgyup.

Anyway, my friend introduced an underground cafe that I was seeing before which I thought was a very sad and soon-to-close resto. It’s because I couldn’t see any customers inside; but apology everyone, I judged the place because I never thought that people dine on the upper floor.

After dining there, I started to love this cafe. You might wonder why.

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What happened to me lately | Blog Debut

I’ve been busy for a week because of the grace God has pouring me. Thank you, Lord.
The week was tiring but guess what, I palpitated with joy.

The week has made my mind and body tired with lots of things coming my way and one thing with that was how am I going to start my new blog with an article of what the theme is about. Okay, right now, I’m tired of typing and correcting my grammar.

But guess what made me tired recently

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Dear Senses

It’s almost time to go to sleep. The people are preppin for bed and I am here at the dining room, facing a cup of tea, a pen, a journal, and a phone. I am trying to catch my thoughts. I want to write something.

I am thinking of a title and it’s content. I don’t want to write about myself. I want a post that isn’t about me.

Bear with me.

I brainstormed for half an hour. Then I sum up an idea of doing I am confident to do because I’ve known it better than my artistic side.

I want to create a new blog. This blog isn’t about me.

This is for everyone who cannot express their thoughts or their feelings. The idea came up from my old post, 5 Sense. Few weeks ago, I had thought of reviving that post but it’ll be about the positive things my senses experienced. However, this blog will be bit different.

I’ll further explain the theme when I finished creating it.

By the way, I’d name it Dear Senses.

I’d be very much happy if you follow it and cooperate on it. Not because I told you but because you truly care.


Can’t sleep,



What would happen next?

I hope that this is just PMS. I am really hoping that it’s just the only reason, so three days after that or a week after, I am alive again – excited, energetic, full of hope.


So, what am I supposed to do after I type and post this? I don’t know. Maybe a routine of scrolling my newsletter and scanning all the articles and posts I’ve seen before. Maybe a routine of shutting down this computer, throw myself on the couch and watch a noon time show. Or, maybe a routine of dragging myself in the room and wrap myself in a thick cold blanket and read a book until I fall asleep.

When I got tired scrolling, or when the show is done, or when I woke up, what will I do next? Those routines, have I gotten any fulfillment and productivity?

Those routines are just consistent scenarios that were programmed in me. Those routines are just consistent times of me waiting for something great to happen. What would that might be? I don’t know.

These routines are making me bored and think and scream. “Hey, I know this already, can we just move to the next part?” I want a new cheese. Haha. Yeah.

Now, I’m done typing. Can you guess what I’ll do next?

Your BOREDer,


I hope everyone would understand how dramatic ladies are before they’re in their… Um… garden.

Love makes me cringe

:  to recoil in distaste


Don’t get me wrong. I love LOVE. I actually receive this everyday. Receiving and giving love is like an apple, it keeps bad things away (but I don’t say doctors are bad. Haha.) However, it makes me cringe. Am I saying that I hate love and it disgusts me? No. As what I’ve mentioned, I love LOVE. It is just so happen that people nowadays have been using love differently. THAT’S WHAT MAKES ME CRINGE. I don’t wanna cite examples but in general, Love has been used selfishly. Love has been defined differently. Love has been used for abominable things which is why Love becomes bitter for many.

There are different aspects of Love; but, let’s focus on the relationship, which is everyone’s fave.

After reading a self-published book of a friend, “LOVE is BLOG“, it made me understand more about love especially to those who are looking for their “The One” or the single people. I even saw the perception of guys pertaining to love. And, getting hope that love is still not dead. Continue reading “Love makes me cringe”

I am an artist for free

I have been designing digitally for about six years now and a year on traditional painting after I attended Graphicka Manila last 2016.

In about 6 six years, I’ve designed for free. Everytime I make layouts, my cousin always asks me if it’s commissioned. No. Then, he tells me to make it a profit since I have been doing that for years. If I’d done that, he multiplies the price to six and the number of design I make and tada! I’m a millionaire. Just kidding!

Those years, people kept on telling me to have it as business. For me, money was never a reason. I design for people and I don’t ask them to pay me unless they insist. To be honest, I didn’t even know how to price my designs. Having those in my portfolio was already enough. Improving my skills through their requests were enough. Continue reading “I am an artist for free”