Guess what: Manila Central Post Office is actually stunning

Guess what? It is my first time to visit Manila Post Office and I was mesmerized with its stunning interior.

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What I gained from the bloggers during Chinatown photowalk

Hello everyone! We are here in… saan na nga ulit? Ongpin!

Well that was what I mostly hear from the bloggers who film their selves for their IG story. The tour at the Chinatown was another great experience of mine which I think the good part was I didn’t expect to really get close with these bloggers the whole day. In case you ask why we’re in Binondo is because we are to involve the upcoming Chinese New Year with a popular brand.

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So, this is what Venice looks like


I haven’t traveled abroad. I haven’t even been to Italy. But when I do, I just book a Grab.

It’s 3 in the morning when I prep my things for a photo shoot. I was quite excited which had me stare at my closet deciding what to wear. It was cold that morning so I grab my fave blue three-quarter sleeve shirt and wore my only ripped jeans. I wore my white shoes and took my cousin’s old cap then head to Venice.

I was my first. I never thought I would have the chance to enter that 19 century architectural place. What I even like with this experience was that the place was still close – means that it wan’t crowded.


It was 8 in the morning when these birds hung out with us by the tent. To be honest, I only see flock of doves on TV. Too bad, I didn’t see them being fed during the photo shoot because I was out for some errands.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is the grand canal.


Seeing the turquoise water or the canal itself was enough with me. Seeing those models riding the gondola was already fine with me as long as they enjoyed and experienced it.


But I was given a chance to ride it. So, that’s how it felt like. It was relaxing and magical. Yeah. Magical was too cheesy I know but the ambiance was kinda romantic. You will understand what I mean if the ad material came out.

For now, I just want you to see the people behind the cameras.


Sorry, I said people but I only showed my manager. Yeah, we were all tired but riding the gondola was our sort of reward for the day.


That’s a wrap for now. Thank you!


Ci sentiamo,

Remembering my grandma in Laguna


December has became a special month for me because of this expected low-key experience with my grandma. It was year 2014 when all I did was to sleep on the soft mattress on the floor beside lola’s bed and her dextrose as I celebrate the holiday. I wanted to make the Christmas special with her because time will come that I wouldn’t be able to celebrate it with her. Until it happened two days before 2015 or a week I guess- grandma passed away. Continue reading “Remembering my grandma in Laguna”


In the busy streets of Metro Manila, there lie a various graffiti art or some sprayed letters vandalized on the wall that has been a part of our daily life. Those marks were either adorned and featured on our Instagram account or ignored because we don’t understand those letters which some don’t look like art for us. It may be a black sprayed or colored sprayed graffiti, good-looking or not, we get used to it. Time passed, we forgot that it’s there.


However, this clever anonymous artist filled the streets with minimal art that would probably switch our mind with his works. He (if he’s a guy) leaves his stencils and stickers in the streets of Ortigas Center. He is known for the “Why” stencil which I believe has been putting the same question on our mind every time we see it. Continue reading “THIS ANONYMOUS ARTIST GREETS YOU IN THE STREETS OF ORTIGAS CENTER”

Stories behind the workers of Manila | Kodak Ultramax 400

In the unknown streets and stressful traffic in Manila, I never thought I would be able to find all these people. I brought my Canon TX to work and during the traffic on my way, surreal moments were encountered.


Shooting thru a film camera needs extra effort. You need a keen eye and a quick reflexes so you could catch a good shot. Weeks of waiting for my scanned film, like a mother labored for a baby, I was so gratified. I know all my shots are devastating but goodness gracious, my hard work was paid off.
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Satchmi: A nostalgic shop

Ever since we’re kids, coffee has always been on the table no matter what time of the day you want it – breakfast, lunch, dinner. This drink is always number one on your list over milk, or sometimes hot chocolate. Thus, I’m never curious why so many coffee shops are established nowadays.

2017-10-12 08.12_satchmi

On my way to work, this shop I always passed by has never given me a time to sit and enjoy their menu. I never was. It’s just in time that I should drop off my film to that place. Great. I went there the time I was broke. No worries, I still had the experience to enter the dark caramel shop. Continue reading “Satchmi: A nostalgic shop”

Art of the Month | September 2017

It’s already November and I believe that those who are sleeping have already awaken – or someone had woke them up. Anyway,  my schedule got tightened this September since I took part of launching a new product of a well-known mobile brand. That made all my personal plans postponed and cancelled. I will not insert a crying emoji tho because all the hard works and puyat and anxiety are paid off – as in literally bayad. I just haven’t received it yet. Aguy.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

On the other hand, I am glad to somehow able to finish one of my plans and that is to design a stamp for my shop.

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