Starting Again

I started having a blog since 2010. I created that blog because it was so mainstream to high school students (I was in high school that time). By then, I started collecting things that I like and things for reference. Looking at the other blogs helps me gain new information. I even befriend and met bloggers.

As time goes on, I always collect information and learn new things. However, this made become inactive. I felt bored and not enjoying blogging anymore. My blog was so messy and I hardly share my thoughts because I only have the mind-set of having more likes or followers.

It’s been a year since I last posted on my blog. But I didn’t stop checking other blog sites which made me strive to start again. I started checking Travel blogs, fashion blogs, to DIY blogs and so on. Now, I decided to make a better and organize blog. I gain so much information and I really need it to share to everyone now. I must start again. LET’S DO THIS!



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