Three Cozy Korean Cafes


South Korea is too far and the air fare is too expensive, but De La Salle is not far enough to have a Korean cafe experience.

These three cafes are not the typical cafeteria type where you find your seat and eat and talk with your friends…or partner.

Here, you will find your private place to lie down. Why? These cafeterias don’t have any chairs. They have bunk spaces with one table and some pillows. The unique style creates a cozy ambiance for you to have a nice coffee talk.

Here are the three Korean cafes around De La Salle Taft where you can stay at with your company. Let’s start.

  1. Cafe Noriter


Cafe Noriter or Playground Cafe, the word Noriter means “Playground” in Korean where the ambiance got its name. The place is colorful and playful. It has lots of art decorations where even the platform you’re sitting at has its own. You can write your name, your dedications, or something you want to write on the flat form.


Aside from the flat forms, the place also has tables just in case there are no vacant bunk spaces.



They have variety of drinks – hot or iced coffees, frappes, smoothies, and juice. They even offer sandwiches and pasta, and cakes and desserts. If you’re hungry, Cafe Noriter has Korean rice meals.


The price is affordable, since it is near the school, students can afford the menu.


In every restaurant, I always check the CR. Idk, it is the second thing that I rate because I always use this place. It is important for me because I don’t want to stop myself from eating because I feel like going to the bathroom but not wanting to. Anyway, in Cafe Noriter, they only have one comfort room but it is clean and neat. It also has relaxing decorations and wall art.

Cafe Noriter is located at Estrada St. Corner Taft Avenue, Manila. Just look for Tapa King. It is on the second floor of the said restaurant.

  1. Cafe Travel


Photo of Nikki Rei

Once you entered the place, you will be mesmerized with the ambiance. It is very cozy and really finding yourself a privacy. It has up and down bunk spaces with lots of post-its on the wall and ceiling. The owner can give you one to write on. However, if you have your own paper, it’s fine and better because you can post as many as you want to.



Photo of Jaeyong


Photo of Nikki Rei


Don’t miss their special cafe drinks. It has an appetizing presentation and taste as well. The cafe even offers different types of iced and hot coffees. They have beverages, tea, and cakes.


Just like in Cafe Noriter, the price is affordable. The side dishes cost less than P100 while the special cafe drinks cost for only P180.


The cafe has two clean comfort rooms for male and female.

Cafe Travel is located on second Floor, Archer’s Nook Center, 2624 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

  1. SHP Bibimbab

2015-08-31 10.06.16 1

The coffee shop welcomes you with perky music and the crew’s Korean greeting “Annyeong Hasaeyo!~”.

Unlike in Cafe Travel and Cafe Noriter, it doesn’t have any walls, ceilings, or flat forms to write on. However, it has huge teddy bears which you can bring as many as you want, as long as you still fit, in their bunk space. They even have cute wall art and souvenir items to buy.





The cafe has different meals – rice meals, noodles, cakes, and of course the main dish which is bibimbab (my favorite). Also, they offer variety of drinks. There are lots of foods to be choosing on!


The menu is a bit costly but there are still affordable drinks and dishes.


The place has two mini but cute comfort rooms for both sexes.

SHP Bibimbap is located on Second Floor, Mervin Terraces Building, 980 Pablo Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila.

These three Korean cafes are really cozy which make you wanting to sleep after eating. The cafes are good for barkadas, couples, and students who are looking for places to study and do their school works.

These places even give you privacy so you really feel comfortable to talk and share your thoughts with your company.


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