Barkin Blends: What I’ve got from my expectations


Barkin Blends is a cafeteria providing customers not just with good menu but with dogs. Yes! Dogs. As I saw this café on Phonebooky, I’d always love to go there because of its twist. I’d absolutely love to go there especially when I am financially healthy. However, I always catch colds. Is it a big deal? Yes. They have one of these rules that customers can’t come when sick. Fortunately, I had a good timing to go there after I visited a place in Project 4 Quezon City. From there going to the coffee shop, I started to collect my expectations.

Barkin Blends is located at Loyola Heights, Quezon City. I don’t really know how to go to that place. However, what I do whenever I go to a place for the first time is to check it on Google Map. Starting from the place where I get off (MRT EDSA Cubao), then to a road connecting to the vicinity of the place (Jeepney Aurora Blvd. – Katipunan), and the last road nearest to the place (Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Road). Walking on the last destination is really helpful for me. I can scan the place, check for landmarks, and ask people there especially the jeepney barkers. Barkers are really helpful.

I didn’t feel tired looking for the place because it was raining that day. It’s kinda far especially when I go there for the first time but I got excited when I found it.


Landmark: McDonald’s

I got excited when I saw the signage. My searching was worth it. The cafeteria is on the second floor and I already saw the Dog Zone. I got a bit confused because they have two places – the Human Zone which is on the other side and the Dog Zone which is near the staircase.

The Human Zone is not that big but we still had the place to sit at.


One big store

Two stores

They have variety of food with unique names. They have pasta, rice meals, sandwiches, and burgers. For drinks, they have hot and cold tea and coffee, frappe, and smoothies.
My cousin and I ordered Ella Pasta (Pesto Pasta) and Seafood pasta. I am forgetful at names but the seafood pasta is creamy and delicious. It has good toppings and for me, the price it too affordable for the taste. Then, pesto pasta is my favorite. It has a clean serving but it is kinda dry. Anyway, it is still delicious and tasty.



Common names of menu (e.g. egg and ham sandwich or Carbonara)

Unique names of menu (e.g. Ella Pasta, Vader Burger, Marley n’ Cheese)

The price is affordable. It fits the servings. They have variety of food and drinks but the price doesn’t exceed to three hundred pesos. I guess the lowest price is 60 pesos which is the tea.
Aside from the food, they have the Dog Zone fee. We bought two tickets so we could see and play with the dogs. The ticket costs 190 pesos. We availed the ticket with our preferred drink. However, we had an additional payment according to the drink that we’ve chosen. We added 20 pesos for Wintermelon milk tea.

190 + 20 = 210 pesos for Watermelon milk tea.

The cashier will explain everything.

The ticket and the drink have different payment.

Buy the ticket with free drink.

Once you entered the zone, guides will get your ticket and will give you slippers. They also provide lockers where you can leave your belongings. Then, there’s a hand sanitizer at the entrance. You need to have sanitation before entering the zone. After that, you can play with the dogs.

Barkin Blends has a lot of rules; but mostly, there are the golden rules framed on the wall. The dogs’ photos and names were hanging too. The place is wide and there are benches and tables provided for your drinks.

IMG_20151017_160848 IMG_20151017_155721 IMG_20151017_155735 IMG_20151017_155833  IMG_20151017_161830 IMG_20151017_162031 IMG_20151017_162039 IMG_20151017_163000 IMG_20151017_163412 IMG_20151017_163902 IMG_20151017_164715 IMG_20151017_170032

IMG_20151017_163846 IMG_20151017_163223 IMG_20151017_155345IMG_20151017_162717



A big room of dogs

See it for yourself

It was a fun experience with the dogs. They are not scary but rather snobbish. However, their snobbish attitude made you wanting to get them and stay on your lap. They don’t bite because they just sleep for hours. You can stay by their side and watch their childish acts.

It is great to go back there especially when you are really tired and stress. Barkin Blends is not just a cafeteria; it is also a therapy hub for me. Haha


2 Replies to “Barkin Blends: What I’ve got from my expectations”

    1. I guess most of them were having their siesta ’cause we went there at 3 pm? I guess. That’s why it’s better to go there early so they still have energy to play 😂


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