Fact 1:
I don’t like calligraphy though I love typography. Sounds contrasting but script is really not my type of font style.

I write letters on board for announcement, paper when I’m bored, or certificate for names but I rarely do it. I mostly do typography on digital.

I love making typos on digital because the fonts are very convinient. I will just download fonts and my designs are clean and balance.
However, things had changed when I joined a workshop. I saw the advertisement and wanting to learn the brush lettering. I was so curious on how to use brushes on the actual. Calligraphy was included but I didn’t mind it. I just focused on the brush lettering. Haha! How bad was I to ignore calligraphy.

I don’t follow trends. Calligraphy is on trend so I don’t do it.


When the workshop started, I got fascinated with the materials. I looked into the manual and understood more about fonts and materials.IMG_20151114_151936

Things got started and I just realized how things work especially the nib pen. Before, I was so curious how the ink goes out from the nib. When I tried pressing it and started writing letters, I was like WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF CALLIGRAPHY CLARENCE!


I used the brush pen on these letters. It was kinda hard to press the pen so Ms. Jiah showed us how to do it in a right way.


These are my final output. I used watercolor on the black paper. I really don’t know how to use watercolor. *Cry*


Brush pen typography



Digital typography was my thing since high school. I wanted to learn using brushes but I don’t have any ideas and money. I don’t even know how to use colors – that’s why I prefer digital. Now, I am happy that I learned new things. I just realized that it’s good to be passionate but passion stays unless you improve it. Take a step. Break your culture. You’ll discover more and you’ll love more what you love.

Practice makes perfect they say. These are my designs a week after the workshop. I can say that I love calligraphy now. The strokes are relaxing.


A hello from the outer space,



Check Works of Heart PH for more workshops. You can even follow letterers on Instagram. I mostly check Abby Sy’s IG and blog.


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