My Recovery Food

Dessert is what most people eat whenever they feel the negative emotion. Google call it emotional eating. People tend to eat and fill their emotion, not the stomach.

I don’t always eat sweet foods because I don’t have a sweet tooth. However, this year had made me so emotional. Guess what, there’s something great happen on the last week of 2014 – my grandma had just died. Happy new year!

Of course, there was the process of grieving. That was the time I discovered Theo and Philo chocolate bars in the refrigerator.

My favorite flavors of Theo and Philo Chocolates
  • Type: Dark Chocolate
  • Flavor: Green Mango with Sea Salt and Siling Labuyo (Chili)
  • Taste: Green Mango with Sea Salt is salty. Instead of plum, there are chewy mango bits inside. Siling Labuyo is simply spicy after taste. There are other flavors, but I love dark chocolate. Check here.
  • Place to buy: Any branches of Bo’s Coffee. I guess there are other stores selling these. I don’t know. I mostly see it at Bo’s.
  • Price: 110 Pesos


Then, at the third quarter of the year. I am still emotional because of my work as a Korean tutor. You call it stress. Good thing, someone gave me an ice cream. By the way, I don’t eat ice cream because I easily get tonsillitis but this one is delicious.

Binggrae Samanco Ice Cream
  • Type: Wafer Ice cream
  • Flavor: Red bean. Other flavors are chocolate, strawberry.
  • Taste: Not that sweet because all the taste are balance – the wafer, bean, and vanilla ice cream. Based on my experience, I am obsessed. I want to eat again after I finished the first.
  • Place to buy: I buy it in a Korean academy. Other places are Korean store, Metro Supermarket Taguig along the aisle with international products, supermarkets.
  • Price: 35 pesos

Eating these foods are effective. It seriously uplifts my mood. I guess people have different ways to de-stress their selves. Anyway, these are my recovery food. These are delicious and mood changer but I don’t eat too much to prevent the bad effects in my body.


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