The ABCs of Hand Lettering Review


This is the first art book that I have. I am happy to see things inside and learn. Since I have a background in lettering – it was the first thing I learned by the way,  I am excited to improve it.

CHAPTER 1: Getting Started

Abby Sy, a letterer, discussed the difference between lettering and typography. In this part, I learned that I am a typographer. Now I have something to designate myself.

CHAPTER 2: Fonts

Making fonts is really exciting. There are four font styles given which I can make different typefaces from it.


In typography, I often use these styles – Serif and Sans Serif. In lettering, these two are the easiest because we usually use these on our own handwriting.


Cursive lettering is easy too – IF I do it using pens; since I haven’t used a brush before, writing is bit hard. That’s why constant practice is a must. Practice makes permanent, as Abby Sy said.


Decorative style needs effort but it is worth the effort. For me, though my lettering is not that good but if I use colors, it is satisfying.

CHAPTER 3: The Process

In this chapter, I just realize all the terms that I’m doing in typography. In lettering, it is important too. Embellishing, the processes of adding elements (e.g. shadows, borders, so on) to make the lettering more lively and detailed, was the one I always do.


CHAPTER 4: Featured Artists

I have seen some of the designs given on the book in the actual – especially the “Bawal Umihi Dito” wall art and Googly Eyes’ designs. I got excited and inspired that people who made those outputs exist. I guess I’ll be more happier if I meet them.

CHAPTER 5: Show your work

I was really inspired to improve and continue what was given to me and what I started. Before, I was just happy to make my designs being seen by other people in my church (MG, I’m crying. Birdy’s song is so emotional.) Now, I am more excited and sleepless. I want to make more designs until I become a local artist. I have found my dream. Eureka!


P.S. You can buy this book in National Bookstore.


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