New Year: St•art x Graphika Manila


It has been a while. New year is a new life and I started making my new year’s resolution. It’s really funny that I decided to start eating healthy foods. I’ll eat less junk food or fast food but rather eat healthy food or I can say home made food.

I even wanted to improve my creativity. Since I do lettering, I try to improve my style and learn more techniques.

Bo’s Coffee St•art Journal

Red notebook and pens are not included in the journal

The owner of the coffee shop wants to enhance people’s creativity so he made this creative journal. It has lots of activities inside which challenge one’s creativity.

I like this journal because it has great information inside which helps you understand and learn more about art – painting, lettering, photography, and name few.

Graphika Manila

Graphika Manila 2016 Ticket

The highlight of my year so far.

How great it is that Graphika Manila starts the year with a great event. They had held an event last January 30-31 with awesome speakers starting from Valerie Chua, Velvet Spectrum, Si Scott, Tosh Kadama of Imaginary Forces, Vault 49, and Timothy Goodman on the first day. Then, Patrick Cabral, Matthew Encina of Blind, Gemma O’Brien, Benjamin Su of Pixar, Sigmon Legno Tokidoki and Harvey Tolibao on the second day of the event.

The speakers’ portfolios are really good. They all have different styles of designing; their way speaking are funny as well.

Meet and greet after the event

For those who haven’t gone to the event, here are some points that I had from some speakers:

  • It all starts with “I don’t know” – you might not know your career but if you focus on one thing, you’ll know your path. Your passion will lead you.
  • Put stories on your work – as an artists, it is relevant if there are stories behind your artwork. Make it a meaningful artwork.
  • Reflect. Find your inspiration – most artists on the event reflects with nature. It makes them relax and think of better ideas. Also, they always put their families on their work.
  • Take a risk and get ready for the heartbreak – being an artist doesn’t always mean that you make designs on an instant. Ideas are hard to attain. You make great works but it’s not accepted at some time. These factors leads you growing so don’t stop trying. Artist become great by not giving up.
  • Make your designs authentic – references are not bad but it is better if you learn to have your own style. You can practice using some references but don’t own that work. Make your artworks be you. Lastly,
  • Stay healthy – designing is fun. You are so passionate with what you do that makes you stay awake until dawn but don’t forget your health. Learn to eat good food or exercise or have enough sleep.

The event was an awakening for the sleeping artist. It was even a great opportunity to improve one’s artistic side.

It was my first time attending Graphika Manila event and I guess I’ll be attending again.

How about you? What is the highlight of your year so far? Let me know. I’ll try to try it too.



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