Those who love coffee


Coffee shop is one of the cozy places for me. It has good music, good aroma of coffee, good interior and some good looking baristas.

I’m always staying in a certain coffee shop since my relatives are working there; so, I get use of the taste of their specialties. Thus, my cousin and I decided to go coffee shopping. The reason? We just wanted to try sipping our coffees in a mug and take pictures of it to be put on Instragram.

Anyway, we even wanted to explore some coffee shops along Metro Manila. We just wanted to try something new; Starbucks is too mainstream, we don’t even drink there unless we’re being treated.

Since we’re too excited in going to some coffee shops, please don’t try to do it in just one day because you’ll end up being acidic or paranoid from strong palpitations. Suicide! However, what we did was we ordered one drink per coffee shop – coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. We did it alternately.





Commune is located at 36 Polaris, Makati, Metro Manila.

If you know the red lights district, it is near that area though the coffee shop’s area is bit quiet.


Commune offers you the menu on an old magazine. When you order a hot drink, the barista will ask you if you want a latte art. Of course! I know you want it.


The place is spacious and cozy. It has good wall art as well. Actually, the coffee shop has two floors though the second floor is use for special events.


The price is just right for the food or drink. It’s affordable which you can even have that deserving latte art or cute straw or good amount of food you order.



Yardstick is bit hard to find since it doesn’t have landmarks; but, if you know YOUR LOCAL, it is beside that restaurant.


If you are not familiar with the menu, the barista is willing to describe that drink to you though one drink can be just espresso.


Yardstick coffee shop is really spacious where my cousin and I felt uncomfortable because it feels like we have all the attention. I think it’s because of the lighting. It’s bright that there is no place for our shadow.

Anyway, it has unique type of furniture. Just imagine we are sitting on a big Jenga blocks.

Yardstick is located at 106 Esteban, Makati, Metro Manila



You can find Habitual Coffee at  2135 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati, Manila. The first time we went there was we got lost. It was hard to find but it’s just beside King’s Court. 



This is a third wave coffee shop so they offer few food and drinks. Anyway, the drinks are being offered in a good ceramic cup.


The place has good level of lighting. The shop doesn’t have much designs but the interior is simply pretty. It also has soft upbeat music.


The price for the drinks is affordable though the food is pricey. However, the amount of food, especially the waffle, is big.


Visiting different coffee shops is really fun and scary. Scary because I might become acidic any time. Anyway, doing this is even a good thing especially for coffee lovers because they or WE will learn more than just the flavor of coffee. We’ll be able to know the origin of the coffee they offer, learn different ways in doing it, and so.


Hello there,

Coffee is really one of the awesome drinks that I like. Sipping my Bo’s coffee is mood uplifting. Smelling Starbucks’s coffee aroma is craving. However, going to these kind of coffee shops are worth blogging. Haha. No matter kind of coffee that is, even though it’s a 3in1 coffee, as long as it’s coffee, you’re a coffee lover.

Let’s lift our cup of coffee and have a toast. For the love of coffee!


Your acidic friend,



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