Visiting the National Museum for FREE!


Hello there!

It is a great opportunity for me (and for my mom) to visit the National Museum. I always want to see what’s inside this building. My curiosity always activates whenever I pass by at this building when I go to the mall. But I guess, this is a perfect month for me to have a tour in this museum – for FREEEEE!

Why is it free? Are you sure? How?

These are the questions people on Facebook asked me when I posted a picture of Spoliarium. It is free because it is Women’s month. It is funny that I don’t even know it’s Women’s month; I thought it is just Fire Prevention month. It sounds bias to men but I hope there will be a special celebration for them as well like they can get free gasoline or whatever.

How did I know this promotion?

My cousin knew it. I don’t know if it’s on the billboard or on Facebook, but she saw it and told me about it. Better look outside the window than facing your android phone while commuting.

How long will the free visit be?

Until the end of March 2016.
Tip: 1) National Museum is close on Mondays. 2.) It is better to go there in the morning because at noon, you will be standing in the long line while being fried under the sun.

What’s inside the National Museum (Main Building)?

Tada! Such a wonderful work of art.

The first thing you will see is Juan Luna’s famous Spoliarium.


Actually, the first thing you will see is a sculpture of an angel, and then this painting. Haha.


Gallery 1: Paintings by unknown Bohol Master




Gallery 2: Drawings of Juan de Cuellar


Gallery 3: Paintings of the Philippine Colonial Tradition of Sacred Heart

This gallery have some old religious paintings.

Gallery 4: Portraiture


This is the typography made by Miguel Añonuevo using watercolor on paper.

Gallery 5: Gallery that honors Dr. Jose Rizal

This gallery has sculptures and paintings of Rizal
I got mesmerized with this drawing of Zosimo Dimaano.

Gallery 6: Paintings of “Los Dos Pintores” by Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo


Look at Luna’s signature. Awesome, right?



Look at that naked woman. It was said that that painting brings curse to it’s owner. It was once named “Mi Novia” but then changed to “The Portrait of a Lady”.


Gallery 8: Silvina and Juan C. Laya Hall

This room contains disturbing images. Yep. I don’t know where Gallery 7 is. Since there are disturbing images like naked woman, death people, burning city, etc.; let’s have a look at these artworks. These artworks differs from all the paintings in this room. This truly tells us about a history that is worth remembering.

Bataan Death Marcher

Gallery 9: Gallery of different artists




Gallery 11: Because I don’t know where Gallery 10 is


Galleries on the second floor


Ben Cab’s Gallery. His paintings are simply amazing.


Gallery of Abstract artworks

My mom and I spend more than two hours inside the museum. That was actually not enough for us to tour around the museum because spend 30 minutes in just one portrait.

Anyway, I heard at some people, who visited the museum, didn’t like what they saw inside. WHY? I literally asked myself why. Why didn’t they like it while I do enjoyed visiting this place? Why? Some people aren’t born to be a “museum-person” or not a painting lover or maybe they find this place boring.

However, you may not be artistic or not fond of history, I hope you still enjoyed looking at these pictures.


Your boring friend,




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