When Clarence met Clarence

I used to hate it  when I met someone who has the same spelling of my name. I didn’t show how much I dislike it  but there are always and always these times that I became close with them.

My name is supposed to be Trixy or Trixie or whatever the spelling is as long as it sounds like Pixie. However, I really thank the author who made the science book that my mom read when she was carrying me in her womb. She read it and saw the name Clarence.

I like it. It doesn’t sound feminine and masculine for me. And with so much curiosity, I googled it and basically looked for a scientist named Clarence. I found one on Wikipedia. He is Clarence Ellis, a computer scientist. I don’t think he is the same scientist as who my mom saw because his face is kinda modern and of course he is a computer scientist and computer is an advance device, so maybe he is not the one. However, while I was writing this – on the other hand, I was searching for other old scientist. There I found an old portrait of a medical scientist named Clarence John Blake. It’s pretty cool that I hardly find information about him.

Just like him, living with this name is bit hard ’cause I can’t find any personalize item with my name on it though it’s no big deal. I think it is a relief for me when I find someone who has the name as mine.

Answered prayer but I didn’t pray for it.

I met this person that has the same name as mine maybe five or six years ago. I found this person somewhere over the net. Actually, this person was in relation with my acquaintances. I got excited and started checking this person out. Scary but classic – this person’s personalities got me attracted  ’cause those were same as mine especially the weirdness. Weird.

I anonymously contacted and talked to this person by a blog. However, there was a time that Clarence met me on Facebook through acquaintances. This person joked about our name; but surely, I know, Clarence forgot it because I’m no important.

Years had passed and I forgot about this person. Until one day, I got an interview from a known company. As I introduced myself, the recruiter told me that they have an employee who has the same name as mine but I’m the girl version.

I have had my first day of work and saw the Clarence guy. I almost forgot that he was the one I saw over the net because he was long hair before. I got excited to tell him that I knew him but it took me days before I spoke with him, again, online not on personal.

I am so puzzled for a week. I really want to befriend him but I don’t know how. I’m bad at making friends. I don’t know what to say and it even made me nervous when he walks to my station to help me about my problem regarding the technicality of my job.

We have the same name but it’s just the name. For a week, I saw the surface and realize we’re so different. He works well and I’m not. He is a social butterfly and I’m a wallflower. He is a talker and I’m a stutter. We have the same name but we are opposite.

I hate it  when I met someone who has the same spelling of my name. I didn’t show how much I dislike it  because there are always and always these times that I hardly become close with them.

I will not forget this story.



The melancholic name,

What do you know about your name? Tell me how you got your name and what was your unforgettable story when you found someone who has the name as yours. 


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