5 Sense of Clarence


Sense. I really put Sense not senses because of some OCD-ish reason.

Anyway, my friend and I talked about blogging. She’s actually a Tumblr blogger. One time, she had mentioned her ideas about blogging her week like for Monday, she’ll blog about food, on Tuesday about music and so on. She actually had a great idea. She gave me an idea on what I will post on my blog because I am not a creative blogger. The only problem was it was kinda tiring but I still wanted to do it.

So, I brainstorm until the end of my thinking capacity on how to put five topics in one post without ruining my other tags or categories.

Thank God, after 30 minutes, here it is – my 5 Sense.

Sense of sight


I never thought of having a fashion blog because I don’t have a good sense of fashion but I want to add bit of it on my blog. As a first fashion post, I took a photo of my friend wearing her new second-hand dress.

Actually, she’s the one who gave me ideas about this blog post. But she wants to stay anonymous so I made her a tiger.

Sense of taste

2016-04-29 12.55.43 3

Feeding time is always my favorite.

My cousin discovered this “no name” Korean restaurant somewhere in Ortigas City so I decided to find it with my blogger friend.

Bibimbap is my all time favorite Korean food. When you go to a Korean restaurant, this food is pricey which is approximately 200 pesos. However, as I found this heavenly place, this Korean dish only costs a hundred peso. Heaven.

Sense of hearing

copyright to the owner

The same as my sense of sight, I want to share my sense of hearing as well. Here is Clean by Taylor Swift. This is one of her songs in her latest album 1989.

I want this song because of course song lyrics always give relation to the listeners though this one describes my current dilemma. Mine is not about break up but about moving on from negative memories. Must forget the past and it’s traces. Also, this one’s kinda corny, I like the song because there’s rain on it. Haha.

Sense of touch (Feelings)

2016-04-21 01.31.45 3

I bought this book last 2015. I just finished it this week. Yeah. I admit. I am a very slow reader. It took me a week to reread this.

This book is about a Rabbi asking for a eulogy. I do love this book because it’s a true story and well, because someone will die. Mitch Albom always has different stories in his book so it always made me sleepy reading his works but every time I finished it, it left me questionable but not in a negative way.

Anyway, this book is about different religions which help you understand other people’s faith. I want to say more about the book but I suggest you try reading it.

Sensei (Extra)


People or most of the people I encounter want to visit Japan. They want to see the cherry blossoms, the temples, the people, and even the manga house. I have been but not in Japan. However, I discovered this place in a mall near Shaw Blvd. Station. It is a Japan surplus.

It sells different items like ceramic bowls, old piano and keyboard, vintage cameras and many more. It is not a store in Japan but it can really provide you a Japan feels and fantasies.



5 Sense of,

I want to know what your discoveries are. Do you have your recent favorite song? Have you discovered places with a friend? How do you do fashion blogging? Let me hear it. 🙂


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