My first night at Ludo

I didn’t expect to go here. My friends and I actually planned to go in a burger restaurant but we passed by at Ludo as we went to Sweet Ecstasy. It was drizzling  but the evening weather was hot. We walked at the very end of the street were the burger restaurant is located. The place was full packed. It was drizzling and our clothes were moist. There were no available seats. We stayed for 5 minutes outside the restaurant and thought of plan B.

LUDO. It was the only option. Actually there are lots of option but one of my friends is fond of board games so she markets this game bar. She won. Ayaw na rin namin mag-isip ng matagal at pumunta sa malayo dahil gabi na at sayang ang oras. The cafe is one block away from Sweet Ecstasy. 

ludo - 1

We thought we’ll never have a great dinner because again, the cafe was full packed. We’re eight. The available seats are for four people; however, the crew offered the conference room. It’s just a room that sounds like “you guys are VIP so let me offer a room for you that doesn’t look so luxury so don’t expect”. Okay.

VIP Room is not for VIP

The room costs 2,500 pesos for four hours. We’re there by 8 or 9 o’clock I guess so we grab the room since we’ll be there until closing.

The Food is Pricey

Always expect that foods being offered are pricey because that’s were they get their compensation. Just kidding. That’ll be your payment for playing unlimited. It’s consumable.


We ordered different types of food then chose bottomless iced tea to sip every meal. I had Lemon Pepper Chicken for 280 pesos, 2 orders of gyoza (cheese and classic) for all of us for 150 each, Bolognese pasta, and so on – I forgot other’s order. However, we consumed the 2,500 pesos in food.

The foods are well serve by friendly crew. They even joke with us especially about the game we played. But the foods are sweet. Some has the right taste especially gyoza (8/10 for cheese gyoza) but some are sweet. Sad. My friends did not enjoy it.

Gaming time is the bestludo - a

Playing is the important and the main part of going in a board game cafe. I am so excited in sharing these games to my friends though we had played it before.

We played Spyfall and Avalon.

Spyfall is an easy game but has to be focused and keen in lying. The catch of this game is to know who the spy is.

Avalon, curated by my friend Amy. She introduced this game to me before and she’s so expert in playing this or should I say she’s expert in lying. This was our favorite game – though for me it still is, I don’t know hers.

Actually, playing Avalon with our friends is a goal. #squadgoals because this game ruins friendship. It’s fun. We’re so noisy. So much opinion.

Comfort Room is therapeutic

16 - 1.jpg

When you go to the bathroom near the conference room, there is a wall with doodle art and a small table with Coleen’s pencil color. I love the idea on how they put it there because it helps you wait patiently while someone is using the bathroom. I love it. I’m gonna be doing it in our house. Hihi.

ludo - 5

ludo - 2

Aside from food and free games, Ludo Board Game Cafe also offers board games. They’re selling board games. You can visit them in Diliman, Quezon City and in Makati. You can visit here to do some dry run of the games that you want to buy.

Dear friends,

It’s actually good to be here. You can create friendship and great bonding here. You are able to meet new people as well. You tend to speak and share your thoughts and emotions. That’s why I always go in a game cafe. I tend to speak and observe. I actually compare Ludo with On-board especially the curators. I’m close with the people in On-board because I go there every weekend but just realized that people here in Ludo are friendly too. They’re accommodating.


Your curator wannabe,


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