If love enters…

If love enters between two worlds, change comes in. Change always comes. It will either have both people change gradually or briskly just to make both worlds compatible. This is like how Bella became a vampire, how people change their religion, how they switch into a different lifestyle, or how they left their social status.

Change happens all the time.

I talked to my mom when I was having my breakfast. My mind was active that morning and also it’s the perfect time for me to have a conversation with her. I opened up about the guy I like. She remembered him and repeated the story I told her before. Yeah. I told her that I have shared this guy to my trusted friend. Then, here’s my friend who gave me a “Not him” answer because he didn’t pass the qualification. Let’s say that “this” qualification is the number one thing I need for the future.

So, what now?

Does that mean that it’s not him?

Then, my mom had her opinion. If my mom shares her opinion, I must listen carefully. She does it once in a blue moon.

“It’s hard to find your perfect match. If you will really stick to one area or to your own definition, you will hardly find someone for you”

This strikes me down. It makes sense.
She explained her answers by sharing her story with my father. My mom mused how change affects people’s love story. More questions have lined up in my head now.

Will there be more advantages if I keenly find my partner? Will I end up looking for my perfect match successfully? What if I really love that person, can I justify the conditions? Will I forget about my status and choose his? Or will I have him change his status to have mine instead?

Finding my partner is like looking for something that I can invest for forever. Since I still believe in that “perfect time” sht, I’m definitely giving myself a hard time waiting for that person.

I have seen people found their forever, like how thankful they are in having that person because they have matched perfectly which I see the genuineness of their relationship and not just for showbiz.

Have you even realized or counted how many times I defined the word “perfect”? If I want to know that this is it and this is really him, I have to take a risk, right? That’s how I will know. Action speaks louder than fantasies. Ang arte ko ba?

The next day, I met my trusted friend and talked about the guy. Laugh at me now, I cried over him.


Here’s Skinny Love by Birdy

How complicated my love life is. Have you had a complicated love story? Tell me about the first time you entered a relationship. Maybe I’ll find a lesson from it.


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