Jenga Doodle


So. My cousin went to Baguio and brought the box of Jenga but for some reason he went back with the destroyed box. Fortunately, he had this eureka moment which he constructed a wooden box for those homeless blocks.


He gave me a project. He was actually thinking of me when he’s constructing this box because he formulated an idea of this box being doodled. Yey!

I was actually excited because I haven’t doodled for a long time. Alright! My plan was to draw from the bottom up to the half body of letter J and to other three faces. Do you imagine the result?

Doodling is actually tedious so I tried to summon Kerby Rosanes. Do you imagine the result?

jenga 3.png

I got tired.

I have to think of different things like chicken, monster, robot, milk, Pokemon, and whatever! I got tired of thinking. Huhu. I actually got tired and stopped and decided to sleep.

Until now, I haven’t finished the project but somehow, I started drawing the other side.


As always, I salute those doodle artist who never got tired of thinking about life. LOL.


Your lazy artist,


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