Travel hacks and musings in Baguio

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It’s my second visit in Baguio. I can’t tell if my first time was not the best one since it’s just a day tour with my family. For the second time, I got triggered to visit again because of my cousin’s Baguio trip stories and it even coincide with my recent life issues.

Anyway, I’m supposed to go alone but my mom don’t want me to so I went there with a friend who hasn’t been to Baguio. It’s her first time so I was quite anxious that her first trip would be fun. For us to enjoy the trip, since we only have two days to stay, I created an itinerary for the first time.


You can visit many spots in a day if you know where to go. I’m frugal and my friend is strict with the time so it’s really important to check the places we’ll go to.

First, I got to know the place where we’ll stay at. It’s near Burnham Park and it’s within the city proper so we can easily go to known places without getting tangled with directions. Here is the list of the spots we’ve gone to which are close to each area:

  1. Ben Cab Museum
  2. Burnham Park
  3. Harrison Road
  4. Session Road
  5. Bell Church
  6. Camp John Jay
  7. Wright Park
  8. The Mansion
  9. Mines View Park

If you don’t know these places, you will actually get broke in commuting since you’ll only have taxi for a ride. That’s why it’s important to know how to ride a jeepney. You can check this website for a guide on how to go to these places.





You won’t enjoy staying in Baguio by just eating at Mcdonald’s or Jollibee. Go out! There’s so many popular restaurants in Baguio. Don’t use your car (if you have one). Walk! So you’ll get hungry and stuff yourself with Baguio’s famous dog dish. Just kidding! Half meant. My mom told me that people in Baguio eat dogs since it’s hot for their bodies. Idk. Is it true? We got extra careful tho. Here’s the list of restaurants in our itinerary:

Cafe Sabel
– coffee shop inside Ben Cab Museum
Good Taste
– we went here for lunch
Bohemian Food and Cafe
– we went here to eat dinner and the crew thought that my friend’s a Korean.
50’s Diner
– we’re supposed to have dinner here, it’s quite hard to find.
Street Food
– along Harrison Road. We discovered this when we had thrift shopping.
Oh my Gulay
Ketchup Community: Canto Bogchi
Arca’s Yard
– it’s in the boundary of Baguio to Nueva Viscaya. The place is cozy and cold but the service is not. Waiting for our coffee is understandable since they’re brewing it but I’m quite unhappy with the service. 1 minute = 10 minutes, 1 like = 1 prayer. Huhu.

Arca’s Yard, Benguet Coffee
Ketchup Community: Rancho, because Canto Bogchi is full-packed with customers


It was drizzling on the second day. I felt sad a bit that we’ll end up traveling wet but we didn’t. It’s actually an advantage because we got to see the perfect view in Mines View Park and a good coffee conversation at Arca’s Yard.

Mines View Park | Camp John Hay

I prefer travelling in the rainy weather so I won’t feel hot. It’s an additional effect to the place too. It won’t be Baguio if it’s not freezing and foggy, ayt?


Walking around Baguio was tiring but fun because we became familiar with the vicinity. It’s even an extra moment to gaze at the spots we visited. Maybe that’s what I missed on my first visit. We traveled by a car, we went to the tourist spot to take pictures, then gone to the next location.


the gate.png
The Mansion Gate | The bowing horse

My second tour was not what I’m expecting but I felt comfortable with the place though people are talking in their dialect. We’re tourist in our own land, plus the vendors’ expectation that we’re Korean. That’s kinda funny.

Session Road, Mine’s View Terminal | Bell Church

There are still places I want to go to. We only have two days but it became limited because I focused on the schedule. I wanted to go to Tam-Awan Village but we hadn’t gone to. I wanted to try riding the tandem bike but we have other plans. I wanted to sing at Bohemian Food and Cafe but I’m scared. I still wanted to eat but I’m full. Such feelings like that.


  1. Visit not with a package tour – your time would be limited
  2. Don’t take too many pictures – take time to check the scenery
  3. Learn to walk – discover more spots, shops, and shortcuts.
  4. Bring your jacket or umbrella – just in case
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – people can even give you suggestions


I always like Baguio. I like the weather and I even more like it because the people are peaceful even the place is so crowded. I like their dialect and their faces. Of course, I will go back. There are still places I haven’t visited and hacks I haven’t done yet like putting your travel bags in SM Baguio so you can save more. Hehe. They got it all for us.

If you will plan to stay in Baguio, my friend offers cheap rooms.
#94 Nacnac St. 2nd Rd. Palma, Baguio City


Your frugal traveler,



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