Living in the island

It is somewhere you want to stay at for forever. People tend to go to the beach to relax. I actually like going to the beach but I don’t feel relax in a crowded place.

I’m living in the city and my life there is very special that I almost want to go to Mars to avoid the pollution and anxiety. Then there is Isla Verde.


Let me set your expectation.

It is not a place where you can roll or walk yourself on white sand because you’ll mostly see stones and shells at the shore. You need slippers to protect your feet.


There’s no night life. It’s not a private island. It is own by a community who are living there normally. They sleep early, dear. ’cause they have to wake up at dawn. Also, there are no other activities to do here like jetskiing, bananaboating, and any water activities.


Isla Verde sounds like the scenery in Maldives. No. It’s not an impressive beach like what you’ll expect. When the boat went to the harbor of Mahabang Buhangin, I was bit shocked because it’s so different from what I saw on the internet. It’s actually not commercialized. The first impression I thought of was “where are we gonna swim there?” The island has white sand with sticks and stones. There are crows as well. It’s actually not a problem with me but I know I’m gonna feel uncomfortable to swim. I’m gonna feel uncomfortable to stay there with the people.


I was looking at Mahabang Buhangin while my companions were asking me if we’ll drop off or travel to the next part of the island. The passengers were very nice. They asked us where we’re going and I answered them the person I saw on the net, “Gloria”.

Gloria Macalalad was an owner of the place we stayed at at the next part of the island. Mahabang Buhangin wasn’t actually our spot – it’s at the other part of the island where the sailor mentioned us that that’s where tourists go to stay. I forgot the area’s name. Sorry.


After 15 minutes, we arrived at the next station. The place is better than the first station but it’s not fascinating as El Nido. However, again, my dear, let me set your expectations.

What I saw has actually made me fall in love with the sea for another time. Here are the reasons why you should choose Isla Verde for tranquility:

The water is calm

As I got off the boat, I can see the sand from the water’s surface. The water is very clear.



It is shallow where kids can swim 50 feet far from the shore. So, to those who can’t swim, God made this island for you.

The people are nice 

Tourist always say that Filipinos are hospitable. Yes, indeed. I felt it from the first day in the island. Our trip there was unplanned so we don’t know where to stay at but the people there walked us to Gloria’s house.

These kids I swam with after siesta

Another thing, we asked the owner a favor to cook us rice as our food throughout the day and a thermos of hot water because it rained in the afternoon so we wanted to have coffee. They even cooked the canned goods we brought for the trip. We paid them a hundred pesos for gratitude.


The lodging is cozy

Should I say cozy because by the time we’re going to sleep, all the lights in the lodging area had turned off which made my companions freaked out. We’re lodging on the tree house so their imagination was creepy. I was scared too but I remained calm and slept at the corner of the tree house while they sleep on the floor.


Going back, the lodging is cozy because it’s near the seashore. I can even stare at the sea and listen to the waves all day.


We spent 1,500 for four persons for the lodging. You can stay there by bringing your own tent, too, though I don’t know how much you’ll pay for the rent.

The view is wow

Let me enumerate the things I got mesmerized with during my stay:



The island has so many starfish and seashells that I almost bring a bucket of them.


There are fireflies at night. When we woke up at 3 am to be fetched back to the city, we we’re sitting under the big tree by the shore. That tree is filled with fireflies.

The night sky is Coldplay. See the sky full of stars, as in Milky Way. It took us an hour to wait for the boat but I waited there while looking at the sky. It’s unforgettable.

Our stay was short since we have to go back to the city next day morning. However, since I already know the process of going there, I’ll make sure to plan my activities next time I go back. I’ll bring my mom since loves calm water.



Isla Verde has to be on your list when you’re looking for a place to unwind. It isn’t much far from Manila and it only cost a thousand. However, you have to be strict with your time because there’s a schedule trip going to the island.


It rained at 5 PM. It’s fun but we have to save our gadgets.

Things to do at Isla Verde:

  1. Starfish and seashells picking
  2. Swimming
  3. Trekking
  4. Island strolling (you can walk a mile to get to the next part of the island)

It is not a perfect beach or island but staying here is like you’re visiting your hometown where people swim with you, pick seashells with you, or laugh at your jokes even they don’t understand it. This is the type of travel I want to experience, connecting with people and their culture as if you’re part of their community. Ala eh~


Your swimmer friend,



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