Sunday Currently: First

This post wasn’t really written on Sunday which is a sad thing; I will be out somewhere relaxing with mah cousin this Sunday so I believe I won’t have time to blog. Anyways, I saw this gimmick from a blog I’m always visiting. I got curious and searched what this means, then I saw different articles. Different bloggers are actually doing this movement so I studied how it works, how to write one, and what to write. Now I got it. I’m way too excited to share my first Sunday Currently and continue writing with you guys.



Reading the salary guide my workmate gave me for a project she asked me to work on. I’m not actually reading it but scanning it. Yeah. That’s the right word.

Writing the songs I listened to on SoundCloud for the video I’ll be editing for my friend who’ll leave us soon.

Listening. You and Me by Axero. This song is perfect for a toxic environment. The tune is soothing in the ear. What. Sorry, I’m bad at describing tunes but for me, I like the song.

Thinking about what to do on Friday since I will be visiting the place that broke my heart. I’m thinking about getting my stuff I left there and where I will put those at home.

Smelling coffee. I’m trying not to smell the aroma ’cause it triggers me to have a cup which I shouldn’t do. I have this “NO COFFEE MONTH COLLEGE” and 4 more days to go before the challenge finish. So, as long as possible, I try to walk away from where the aroma is.

Wishing that the mission of my job will end so I may find the opportunity to pursue my graphic designing application in Scout Magazine Ph or at my friend’s workplace.

Hoping that I will do my job well so my boss won’t get mad at me and that I will leave something that grows.

Wearing Madi Jane’s brother’s jacket. I’m missing her every time I’m wearing this.

Loving the rain today. The weather is cold plus the music I’m listening to adds the relaxing mood. Oh no. I want to go home and throw myself in bed.

Wanting to leave the gift I’m supposed to give to D ’cause I don’t want to stuck it here with me. I hope I could tell D that I’m 100% sure that D will over react.

Needing a hug and a place where I can muse and stare for hours without being disturbed. I guess I’ll wait for Sunday to go to the beach.

Feeling excited. We’ll go to the beach! I’m excited to dive, to build a tent, to swim. Everything.

Clicking my email to check if there’s some mail from my boss and deleting messages from a spammer inviting for a workshop or seminar.

The Sunday Currently is fun to do since it’ll sum up your week which could give you realizations and hopefully, some plans in life or getting excited for tomorrow ’cause you want to share it with everyone. Join the bandwagon.




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