No Coffee Challenge


On the the first week of January, I was so restless and sleepless. Actually, my Christmas holiday was not as fun as it should be. My days were so stressful and tiring which gave me sickness on New year’s eve. After that, my body got so numb though I know my body was tired. I was having a hard time getting good sleep and was so anxious as well. It’s like the weeks of in-taking caffeine and alcohol took effect after I got ill.

Few days after new year’s celebration, I realized that I haven’t had a cup of coffee. I wanted to but my body told me that it prefers the taste of water; that’s when I decided not to drink coffee for a month.


I didn’t feel any changes. I was still anxious, restless, and sleepless. I was having a hard time focusing on my work and it feels like I will be doing something bad the next day. Is it OA na binabanungot din ako? However, I was not thinking about coffee.


I was still feeling anxious but it was not often as the previous weeks. However, sadness had joined my mood too after not getting a plan of meeting someone. Still, I cannot sleep; I can close my eyes but my mind was so active. There were times that I already got good sleeps but sudden wake ups found me difficult to go back dreaming. Anyway, I forgot about coffee.


I have fought against anxiety. My body clock got normal that I can get good sleep pero hindi ‘yong masandal tulog. However, on the other hand, one day morning, I smelled the aroma of brewed coffee. It was bad but I conditioned myself that I will be used of not finding coffee after 21 days.


My mood was so positive. I just hate it when my friends were inviting me for coffee. Do you know how I survived those temptations? I drank tea and sometimes hot chocolate. Also, I was telling my self that whenever I passed this challenge, I’m gonna treat myself a cup of coffee at Bo’s. WOW. Nagchallenge pa ‘ko ‘no?


Yey. Mouth blisters! I’m always getting it whenever I drank too much tea. But what can I say, for the last two days, I did it! No coffee challenge is a success!

To my dear self,

You’re so brave. From escaping anxiety to not drinking coffee, dear, you did it. I’m so proud of you for thinking this eureka challenge. You were so slim that your collarbones are showing off, but by the grace of God,  the challenge made you healthy and somehow fat. I know after getting your heart broken, you haven’t had the chance to visit that coffee shop and buy yourself the drink you love. Because of that, I treat you a cup of your favorite raspberry tea.

P.S. Next month, try not to eat noodles.

Your anxious friend,



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