Sunday Currently Pg. 2

It’s Sunday again! Today’s gonna be busy so I have to write one now before I go for my schedule. Before that, just want to share that last Thursday, I was thinking about writing Sunday Currently. Oh why am I so excited?

Inspired by Michael Aaron Williams

I’m currently

Reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I knew this book before since it was transferred into a movie. I haven’t watched the movie yet but I just have the chance to read the book from my cousin. I relate so much from the book. From the sickness of the protagonist, to the attitude and point of view of Louisa. I actually have friends who have scoliosis, especially A and D. Both are serious thinker – the other one is the “know-it-all” person and the other one is the “maldita” type. Beyond those personality were concern hearts, that’s why I can’t forget them. That’s why I remembered them through this book. Hala! Book review na pala po.

Writing Sunday Currently 2. And later, gonna write the minutes of the meeting.

Listening to Bones of Dustin Tebbutt. Another indie song everyone! I’m a fan of indie music. How about ya?

Thinking about the meeting today. I’m thinking about the project that my mates will give me and if I’m gonna send that project ahead of time.

Smelling the egg my cousin is cooking for breakfast. I love our breakfast today. Pancake, egg, and brewed coffee. Ang saya gumising!

Wishing … There’s nothing in my mind right now.

Hoping to get my allowance this week. I am so broke. I have to save enough money to buy a laptop and to enroll in one of the universities in Baguio. Simula talaga nung nagpunta ako ‘don, sabi ko gusto ko ‘don mag-aral.

Wearing my PJs, a shirt I got from my cousin and a pair of dark green socks from DehanMingu.

Loving the morning today. We are eating breakfast together while listening to indie music. We even have a nice weather today, sunny and cloudy.

Wanting to eat more pancakes. Sorry, I just love pancakes.

Needing to save money for next time’s travel and for future purposes.

Feeling nothing lately. My mind is not working well that I just go with the flow of whatever happens to me in a day. I guess I’m feeling a sudden happiness ’cause pancake’s for breakfast and I had the good time to paint again.

Clicking at my Facebook status. People are commenting that the name on that Starbuck’s cup is Maria but I personally saw it and it’s Mana. What do you guys think?


Keep on sharing your current status. I’m reading yours, by the way – getting ideas from you and wondering what you got in a day. Join the bandwagon.




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