Sunday Currently Pg. 3


Bamboo Bike

It’s been a while since I posted my last Sunday Currently article. I’m actually not busy; well I have so much time to blog but I just got a hectic schedule last Sunday ’cause I was given an assignment that the deadline was on the day the task was being given. Am I ranting? I bet no.

Anyway, I’m currently

Reading my post on my FB page ’cause I am promoting my new business. You can check it here guys and hoping for your love and support.

Writing my new spoken poetry titled “Sana pwede pa”. It is about being let go by someone who is dear to you and hoping that that person still needs you.

Listening to Burnout by Abe Dancel. It’s one of the songs in the indie film I’m Drunk, I love you. It was sung by Abe Dancel, Johnoy Danao, and Bullet Dumas (3D) and I think their version sounds much better.

Thinking about that movie. We’d watched it two weeks ago but until now, I still have hangover with that film. Not in a sober way but with the feels that it gave me. Another thing, since the movie is about telling the person you love that you love them, it triggered me to do the same. But it’s haaaaard. Charot.

Smelling the alamang in front of me. It’s already evening but we’re eating mangga dahil masarap! Mas mahirap pigilan kaysa sa feelings.

Wishing for employment at Hinge Inquirer Publications.

Hoping for a good career this summer ’cause I’m still torn of choosing between what I want now with what I want most.

Wearing my jersey shorts and a skirt I bought in a bazaar.

Loving the support from the people who are not giving up on me despite of not having them as one of my priorities.

Wanting to speak up and have the courage to release my thoughts.

Needing more money ’cause I have so many travel schedules this month. And wisdom too ’cause I am disoriented again.

Feeling disoriented. I don’t know what to do with my life again. It’s even funny that every time I talk to my friends, I am dreaming. Iba na ‘yong sinasagot ko. I guess I am feeling sleepy?

Clicking my previous Sunday Currently blog and checking if what I am currently is same with what I did the previous weeks.

To sum up my current status, I am struggling with disorientation. How do you make your days fulfilled guys? I hope to get an answer.




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