My 2 in 1 Early Summer Trip | Zambales

It’s March and I think I had my early summer vacation. As always, I create my own itinerary ’cause I’m frugaaaal and I always make sure that everything will be on budget. I guess frugal is my favorite word. Hoho.

Enough talking, I know you really want to know where I’d been to. In two weekends, I went to two beautiful beaches in Zambales.

Anawangin Cove, Zambales

We got a discounted Zambales trip on Metrodeal. For only 599 pesos, we booked a two days and 1 night Anawangin trip with Capones Island side trip.

So far, this was the cheapest travel package I had. Why? ‘Cause I experience three adventures – swimming, hiking, and island hopping for just 600 pesos. Also, the tent is free, the cooking utensils are free, and even the boat transfer. I even had my first times from this trip, too:

  • Setting up the tent was fun and even sleeping there. It was not scary at all.
  • Bonfire was unforgettable. It was hard to make a fire tho.
  • Hiking on my feet was achy ’cause I didn’t bring my rubber shoes but it was easier to climb. Really.
  • It was my first time taking a bath with strangers! We took a bath at the open shower area, of course, anyone could wash there. It was bit embarrassing but good thing t’was evening.
  • It was even my first time seeing a lighthouse! Too bad, they already closed it to public.

You can order a voucher here if you want. Just sign up, order, pay, and check your email. The travel agency will give you instructions on how to get to the island.

Our overall estimated budget was 1,500. However, you could still bring more than that.

Liw-Liwa, Zambales

Here’s to a happy place.
My friend who I had a trip to Anawangin with mentioned about this place. We have the same genre pertaining to fashion style so she told me to visit this place whenever I planned to travel again. She was right.

This is my place ’cause, yah know, music, art, and a touch indie or boho style. What I’d experienced from this place was exactly what I’d expected.

People. You’re gonna be mingling different nationalities here. We met Fabio the fire dancer. Anyway, you can even hangout with them on the evening when bonfire is ready. FYI, we helped the youth here. They made a bonfire for us then we paid them 500 through sharing. Also, you can have a book reading with the kids in the community, just tell the hostel’s staff upon booking.

Food. A certain blogger mentioned a place to eat at, that is Mommy Pheobe’s; however, we discovered somewhere greater than that, Fely’s Eatery! Their menu was exactly what’s on the photo. They even have a mystery ingredient, bacon! It was hidden under my fried egg. We’re at Zambales but bagnet is on the menu! Cost: P85 pesos

Sleep. Yeah. The best thing apart from the rest, you can sleep anywhere. Yes, you can even sleep by the beach beside the bonfire while you’re sober. Anyway, the hostel’s accommodation is cheap. For only 350 (hammock, P450 for bunk bed), you can sleep anytime. If you don’t want to sleep there, you can stay until morning at the common area.

Beach. Of course, the main part of our trip. It was so huge! It isn’t much wavy but you still can rent a surfboard for 200 pesos (400 with instructor). Take note, we got stung by jellyfishes, but no worries, it wasn’t that dangerous. Just try not to swim by twilight.

The community there is observing cleanliness, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle must be their motto. I believe, our stay there must be more of immersion than a vacation and it’s unforgettable.

If you guys wanna experience what we experienced, you can check in at The Circle Hostel. They have branches in Baler and in La Union.
You can contact Ms. Virgie at 09173055391. She’s very hospitable. And yeah! Before I forget, we have free breakfast, it’s peanut butter sandwich and banana.

How to get there?
Ride a bus going to San Felipe Public Market in Zambales then ride a tricycle and tell the driver to bring you The Circle. Simple as that. 🙂

My fun stay won’t be summarized in just one post but I hope I still gave you a cheap travel idea. I hope this convinced you to travel more around the Philippines.

Aspiring surfer,



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