Sunday Currently | Pg. 4

Hey! I am not in the mood right now but I missed writing Sunday Currently. I guess I have to fight this idleness so I’ve done something productive today.




Other people’s Sunday Currently article. It’s because I want to know how others are feeling and doing lately.


My resignation letter. Can I laugh hard with this one? I just remembered my last Sunday Currently article that I wanted to apply or be a part of an advertising or artsy company. Then here it is, starting my first step tho I still don’t have any invites aside from one.


Make Me (Cry) by Noah Cyrus ’cause I’m familiarizing myself with the tune so my cousin and I could cover this song. Also, I love how Noah sung which she seems to be singing with her clogged nose.


About a lot. First, I am thinking about my future. What will happen if I got the profession I am dreaming of. Will I be happy with it or be overwhelmed? Second, my failures has been urging me to step back like I don’t deserve to be successful ’cause I am not really good with my passion. Third, I am so clingy which made me bored all day whenever the people I want to talk to are so busy and don’t have time for conversation.


My body. The weather’s hot lately and my sweat is becoming a perfume in my body. I don’t smell bad tho ’cause I don’t have any smell.


For a happy birthday, I guess.


For a good job offer with that company or with any artsy company I applied at.
For safety to the people in Batangas and in any parts of the Philippines.


My pajamas and a second-hand shirt from my cousin. I just want to share with you, by the way, that I don’t usually buy my clothes ’cause I am getting old clothes from my aunts or from my cousins. It’s not a tradition tho but since we are doing this for decades, we brand these old clothes Gen2Gen (Generation to Generation).


The movie marathon I had with my cousins. We watched three Pinoy indie films but passed out on the third film which was a funny thing. It was fun even when we got turned down by three pizza stores for not getting our orders. Anyway, it was fun.


To move on. I was counseled by my supervisor about my work performance. It turned out well ’cause it just gave me the reason in knowing more about myself. Also, I was relieved about my current issue which gave me the perfect signal to, yeah, move on.


Time to heal myself.


Bored. It’s hot all day and I am broke so I just stay at home and do nothing.

To sum up my current status, I am happy because I feel free and got my days serving. Anyway, what do you do in a hot sunny day? Hope to hear your answers.



3 Replies to “Sunday Currently | Pg. 4”

    1. Yep, marketing grad but hindi ko gusto ‘yong course ko. Good thing, nilead ako nito sa advertising field. Graphic designing. April 13. Haha. Okay lang.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So graphic artist ka? Baka gusto mo akong tulungan sa logo ko sa aking blogsite. 🙂 Then I’ll promote your graphic design services in return. Hehe I’ll email you ha. hehe


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