My Birthday Time Capsule

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It took me hours to finalize the title.

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Tell me about your last birthday.

Two days to go and it will be a beginning and an ending of my life. I mean ending of my age and new age will sprout. Anyways, I am still thinking what to do on that day. Unlike before, I was quite demanding in celebrating my birthday because I knew people were planning to surprise me. I was alluding them with what I want to happen or to see on my birthday. It was actually my first time doing that ’cause I don’t usually expect anything on my birthday.

What are your plans on your birthday?

I don’t have any plans to celebrate. I am happy tho ’cause blessings are coming my way and I am close to getting to the industry I want to belong to. But my life seems boring lately. I’m bit lazy to move and think. Until now, I still don’t have plans. I used to have which was to treat my mom a trip to Vigan (she’s fond of history, by the way), but I’m broke and she just wants to stay in the province for Holy Week which is a nice thing. I just let good things happen.

What do you want on your birthday?

Change. I want change. Since I’m gonna have a new career, it’s already a pathway leading to a total shifting from my devastating path. I want to dye my hair blue.

Peri-Birthday Celebration

  • Where are you now? In our province at San Jose.
  • What is the date? What is the weather like? April 13. Very hot like you can fry an egg.
  • How are you celebrating your birthday? On the road going to my hometown but we stop over at Minalungao Park.
  • What’s the last movie that you saw? What was the last movie that you loved? I last saw Everything about her by Bb. Joyce. I loved it but I love Shift of Yeng Constantino more. 
  • What are you listening to? The sound of the airconditioner.
  • Who are you in love with? One-sided with DA
  • Who is your best friend? I don’t have in particular.
  • What do you wish you could own right now? Instant camera.
  • What do you want your next vacation to be? Beach. I still want to go to the beach.
  • What are you most worried about? My mom would …
  • What is one amazing thing you expect to do in the coming year? To be a part of an advertising /publishing company
  • What is your favorite recent memory? Going to the festival fair every Summer.
  • What were the top 3 accomplishments from the last year? Attended Graphika Manila conference. Visited Baguio. 
  • What made you laugh the hardest most recently? I threw a banana peel at my friend’s face and she startled and threw it back to me. 
  • What are you best at?  What do you think are you greatest assets and skills? Graphic designing and I’m a Jane of all trades.
  • What are your life goals at the moment?   Did you make any progress on them? To focus on something I am passionate about. Yes.
  • How much do you think gas will cost at the end of next year? In 5 and 10 years? I don’t have any idea. I’m not a driver but I guess it will be bit cheaper than the price today.
  • What are your wishes for the upcoming year? Nothing in particular. I learned to let go of control.
  • What do you think you will be doing this time next year?  In 5 and 10 years from now? Conducting art workshops and/or helping a community somewhere here in the Phil.
  • What do you think will change about you over the next year?  How do you want to grow? Be successful with my passion by staying and assisting my professional boss.
  • Where will you be living next year?  In 5 and 10 years from now? Quietly living in an apartment with a dog or a cat.
  • What is one piece advice would you give your future self? Stay in love with the Lord ’cause it makes you in-love about everything.
  • What is your purpose in life? Serve the Lord

Post-Birthday Celebration

Reflections on the last year.

Last year was a downfall of my life without even noticing it because everything was fun. I thought everything was fun until I stepped on the landmine of depression and boom! Everything has changed. I still thank God ’cause He took me out of that place.

Advice and lessons for the future. 

Please have fun while serving the Lord. You’re always lost so keep your eyes on His promises and keep yourself grounded in His Words. Happy Birthday!

Here is the simple and brief article about my birthday. I really don’t know what to post but thanks to this Birthday Time Capsule. You can even check my Future dramatic letter here.

The Birthday Celebrator,


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