Sunday Currently Pg. 5


It’s Sunday at last! I’ve been waiting for this day ’cause I’ve missed writing on Sundays due to the consecutive summer trips I had and my feelings are getting itchy to speak out.

Currently I am


The Bible. Okay, I was kinda teary-eyed with this one. I was really bored for weeks since I’m unemployed. I was just staring all day and thought about things until I changed the topic into books. Then, I realized that I haven’t touched the Bible for a long time. For you guys who don’t know, I always have my quiet time with the Lord. I read a passage from the Bible, talk to Him, write the rhema and pray. So, going back, I haven’t touched the Bible for a long time. I usually use my phone in reading passages. I was really sorry for not using it. The Bible was dusty when I took it on my drawer but the feeling was still the same at using it. It feels


My thoughts in my diary and doing typography because Abbey Sy has set a spark of motivation in me. Thank you!


at my mom’s stories though it is unusual that I let her finish the stories and ask her the bottom line of those. To be honest, I usually don’t listen to her because once she starts the first two sentences, I already know the plot. It’s either she mentioned that before or she focuses much to the details which takes her a lifetime before she mentions the point. So what I do is, I help her construct the story.


about the people who pursue what they really want in life. Yeng Constantino, for instance – it took her many auditions and failures before she reach her dream as a singer. I remembered her story of almost giving up at joining the contest and told her family that her audition at PDA would be the last, but she became the grand winner.
People were telling me lately that I should not be choosy with applying a job. “It’s summer. It’ll be hard for you to find a good company blablabla.” No. I told myself no. I want the job that I want and I don’t want to have that when I’m thirty. I want it now.


the strong smell of paint in our newly decorated church. The admin announced that they will have a general cleaning and I didn’t know that they will actually redecorate it. Ang lakas maka-IG nung pader!


to publish a book. Not my own book but my friend’s. She’s a poetic writer and actually planned to collaborate with me in designing her book. It was a year ago when we planned it but since we’re procrastinating, nothing happened. Haha.
You can check her reveries here.


for a good company to invite me for an interview. I will walk-in to different companies next week so please please please please.


A maroon sports fest shirt, jeans, and socks.


the artworks I have been doing from my boredom and the news that I am now starting to design for my friend’s book. I’ll post something about it once I finished a half of the design needed for the project.


to finish the project without being interrupted by my idleness and to get the job that I really really really want. Pleeeease.


ideas and motivation for the upcoming projects comin’ my way. I don’t know what those are but I believe I will be receiving exciting opportunities.


– excited and desperate because again, passion, where for thou art oh~~
– happy after receiving a flower from a stranger in Ayala. There was a book fair in Ayala Triangle and we just roamed around and checked all stuff and suddenly an ahjussi gave us flowers.

Basically, I am excited at sharing how desperate I am to get the career that I really want.

What are you excited to share about this Sunday?

Your desperate friend,


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