I am an artist for free

I have been designing digitally for about six years now and a year on traditional painting after I attended Graphicka Manila last 2016.

In about 6 six years, I’ve designed for free. Everytime I make layouts, my cousin always asks me if it’s commissioned. No. Then, he tells me to make it a profit since I have been doing that for years. If I’d done that, he multiplies the price to six and the number of design I make and tada! I’m a millionaire. Just kidding!

Those years, people kept on telling me to have it as business. For me, money was never a reason. I design for people and I don’t ask them to pay me unless they insist. To be honest, I didn’t even know how to price my designs. Having those in my portfolio was already enough. Improving my skills through their requests were enough.

I, as an artist, have a dream. It was a good decision that I flew my money away to attend Graphicka Manila. It was indeed a great decision. I, as an artist, just get ideas on the internet and get news about the trend designs or color or what but after attending the conference, it hadn’t only gave me more ideas outside the box but it’d let me stay away from the box and explore my potentials. Okay, I’m not paid, but if you’re a starting artist, attend that conference. 

Going back, after not knowing what to do with my life anymore, I found myself designing. Still designing. Then, eureka, visted me and told me that this is what I really want to do. I want designing to be the main role of my career and not a supporting role. It is scary though I’m bit ready to do this but I know I can do it. Six years is way too long for my practice. I think it’s time not to make profit out of it (tho it’s still what I’ll receive) but to really engage myself in the big world of designing.

If you’re a starting artist… What do I mean by starting artist? It is when you realized your potential and started to pursue it for real like this is what you wanna be in the future.

If you’re a starting artist

  • Know that your journey is like a video game. There are game overs but it will be really over if you didn’t continue. Challenges must not stop you. There will be times that people won’t like what you design but that’s part of an artist’s life. It’s okay to cry but learn with a motivated heart.
  • Know that you’re a tourist who isn’t familiar with the place but will later on be hustler with every shortcuts. Just keep on doing the same thing until you become familiar with different techniques. Don’t be a perfectionist that you must get it on the first try. It will always be hard on the first try, but if you really love it, you will do everything until you get it right, right?
  • Know that you are a new business. Other artists have their own rules in their art. There are no right or wrong but you can get ideas from them to improve your own rule. Search: benchmark. Listen to those who are experienced. They’re full of ideas and inspiration.
  • Know that you’re not in the Olympic game. Competition makes you compare yourself which makes you unsatisfied. Remember, if they’re really good, they strive harder. Strive harder not because you want to be much better with other people but because you want to make a distinction and to be an inspiration.
  • Know that God gave you this talent. This is a gift from you; so, whatever you do, if you are starting, start it with the Lord because he has the manual of your passion. Wherever you are right now, dont let God’s gift be withered. Put it on the ground, give it water, give it air, give it sunshine. God will help you improve; He will give you a hope, a good future, and a distinction.


People asked and more might asked me why I just decided now, all I can answer is because I am ready and this is the perfect time. I had my heart broken and believed in God that this heart break made me close to achieving what I really want in life. (I was thinking if it’s either a giddy inspiring love life or a profession.) It is happening now. There’s hope, trust me. Just don’t let go of God. He’s holding your dreams.

I would be happy if I created a sequel story of my life as an artist. Hopefully!


Your artist,



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