Project Reveries | Book Layout

My blogging was on hiatus for four days which is actually not a break since I was still using WordPress for revamping my blog. And I guess no one noticed that I made my blog private ’cause no one was even checking it.


In my previous Sunday Currently write-up, I’ve mentioned about designing a book for a friend. I even mentioned that once I’ve finished half of the layout, I’m gonna be posting about it, right? Remember? Maybe not.

Last year, I shared my spoken word poetry piece to my poetic friend. She loved it and uploaded it on her account. I also checked her piece and we talked about her on-going story, Reveries. Then, we decided to transfer it into a book after I water-colored her Tumblr display photo but ridiculously ended up procrastinating.

To make the story short, after getting no job, I have lots of free time this summer and started designing.


I started with redesigning my friend’s display photo and named the character Hinuha which was named by Clarence, not me. Sounds like a Japanese name but it’s actually an unfamiliar Tagalog word closely related to thinking.


Doing this is actually fun which is making me forget that I need to get an actual job. It’s my first time doing everything. It’s my first time designing bunch of artworks, using Indesign, and absolutely making a book.

I am excited to share with you the finished product. As of now, I’m done with the inside design and currently working with the book cover.

Book designer,



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