Dear Senses

It’s almost time to go to sleep. The people are preppin for bed and I am here at the dining room, facing a cup of tea, a pen, a journal, and a phone. I am trying to catch my thoughts. I want to write something.

I am thinking of a title and it’s content. I don’t want to write about myself. I want a post that isn’t about me.

Bear with me.

I brainstormed for half an hour. Then I sum up an idea of doing I am confident to do because I’ve known it better than my artistic side.

I want to create a new blog. This blog isn’t about me.

This is for everyone who cannot express their thoughts or their feelings. The idea came up from my old post, 5 Sense. Few weeks ago, I had thought of reviving that post but it’ll be about the positive things my senses experienced. However, this blog will be bit different.

I’ll further explain the theme when I finished creating it.

By the way, I’d name it Dear Senses.

I’d be very much happy if you follow it and cooperate on it. Not because I told you but because you truly care.


Can’t sleep,




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