The Lines I Discovered

I was scribbling stories on my 2016 journal when I stumbled upon the three typography lines I wrote last year. These three were typo-graphed during the catastrophic period of my adulthood. As far as I remembered, I wrote these ’cause they were lines from different songs that stuck on my head even though I didn’t listen to those songs that time.

2017-05-09 10.32.38 2

Gotta let go of control.

It was the advice given to me by a dearest friend. I realized that time I wanted everything to happen upon my favor. I was controlling every situation that I forgot to let God do it. I forgot to trust God. Gotta let go of control is also a line from my favorite Paramore song, Last Hope.

Love die when it deserves to be alive.

Being heart broken crashes everything. After losing at fighting for what I love, I got depressed and didn’t care about everything anymore. My love died. Yeah, the song really defines my situation that time. Totoo pala ‘no that when you’re depressed or sad or anything, every song defines your story. Ganun pala ‘yon! Anyway, it is also a line from a Paramore song, Emergency. Sorry na. I’m a Paramore fan. However, the next one isn’t from Paramore. Hihi!

What would I be without You.

Try to listen to this song, you’ll tell me that it’s “where” and not “what”. Whichever the question would be, if I didn’t hold onto God, I might not know how I define myself. I might be a sober, a rebellious youth, an ambitious person or whatever. Without Jesus, I don’t know what I am and I don’t know what are His plans for me.

I realized that I survived the period holding onto these lines successfully. Hope it might help you as well. Thus, if you are feeling lonely, if you are feeling lost, demotivated or like giving up, why don’t you try to listen any of these songs. Just try to listen and talk to me after. Like what Jojo Moyes said, “You know there really isn’t much that can’t be solved by a decent cup of tea.” I would be glad to have a cup of tea with you – or coffee,  milk, hot chocolate, Milo?



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