What happened to me lately | Blog Debut

I’ve been busy for a week because of the grace God has pouring me. Thank you, Lord.
The week was tiring but guess what, I palpitated with joy.

The week has made my mind and body tired with lots of things coming my way and one thing with that was how am I going to start my new blog with an article of what the theme is about. Okay, right now, I’m tired of typing and correcting my grammar.

But guess what made me tired recently


I had an interview at North Edsa and I almost dehydrated from walking and finding where the reck The Annex is. I thought I traveled to Bulacan that time. Anyway, after the interview, I had my time visiting Mandaluyong to buy a package of beauty products because it was so ridiculous that the interviewer was so pretty and I got insecure with my face so I decided to buy a beauty product. *insert tired and sarcastic laugh*

Since I was in Mandaluyong, I didn’t miss the chance to revisit my fave store there. I blogged about this place before.


It was my friend’s birthday. I was so broke that time and told them that I couldn’t come. But, a magic phrase was given and I said yes. Libre kita. 

We went to Satinka Naturals – which is a sort of underground resto, and which I will blog about soon – to have dinner of fresh and healthy dishes. We went to Starbucks after to have coffee at midnight. Yeah. If you can see on the photo, yes ma’am and sir, I am an avid fan of Bo’s Coffee. Tho no hate with Starbucks, I am just not fond of trendy drinks. If you gonna treat me at SB, it’s always Cafe latte grande. Their cold drinks are too sweet for me. *straight face*


I had another interview – but in Ortigas. Since the examination would start at 1 in the afternoon, I kept myself busy checking books at NBS. I was looking for inspiration for the book that I’m currently doing. I chose this book which is somewhat related to Lang Leav, right? Unfortunately, I forgot the title of the book. Any one knows?


I almost miss this event. gehrd! I told myself that I need this event because it’s Scout Magazine. So, the event happened in CSB and for three hours, my dear, I was conyo. It was like so uncomfty to talk with fellas there. It’s really not my thing to speak in millennial terms. But no hate, I love other students’ outfit. They were all unique. The talks were inspiring too. I learned a lot from Dani Chuatico and inspired a lot from Russell of VGraphiks. He mentioned about Van Gogh is Bipolar which I will mention to my other blog.


Speaking of my other blog. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my new and helpful blog, Dear Senses. This blog is somewhat close to my heart. This is a supportive blog for people who are struggling with depression.

If you might not know, Ms. International Kylie Verzosa mentioned (the year she got crowned) about mental issues. I was grateful that time that a beauty queen opened up a new issue – mental health. Kasi before they just mentioned about aids, youth, crimes, and stuff. 

The articles in Dear Senses would not just be from depressed people. It’s open to anyone who are willing to support o help even in a very simple way like sharing us what made you fine in a day.

I would be glad if you cooperate with it. I really want to help people with their struggles. I am even experiencing it and I want to do something about it – not just for me but for everyone. I just thankful to God that my country is now paying close attention to this matter. I hope you support as well. Thank you.

I’m tired but happy,


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