Eat healthy | Eat at Satinka Naturals

If you’re gonna ask me if I am vegan. No. I love vegetables and fresh food tho. I want to be a vegan but I can’t let go of samgyupsal. However, it might be hard for me if you’ll make me choose between kimchi or samgyup.

Anyway, my friend introduced an underground cafe that I was seeing before which I thought was a very sad and soon-to-close resto. It’s because I couldn’t see any customers inside; but apology everyone, I judged the place because I never thought that people dine on the upper floor.

After dining there, I started to love this cafe. You might wonder why.


What is Satinka Naturals?

It is a bistro that offers organic food sourced from Cordillera Region. They actually started from making natural skin and home care products but later on opened a resto.

What can you see there?

Art. That’s the first thing that’d gotten my attention. Every time I go there, the framed artworks were changed. Second is the dining area where you eat at the coffee table with bunch of pillows. Third is the calm indie music.

Oh wait. Another thing, I’m always observing the comfort room, so they even have posters of different events. Mostly, it’s about the spoken word poetry events.


What are they selling?

For the food. They have vegan menu like the Adobo vegan with rice, Peta Pesto Pizza, Carbonara, Yogurt, Hibiscus tea, or something like that. They also have healthy drinks like Chlorophyll (I’ve always wanted to buy this but it’s pricey). It sound like a chemical or something but it’s indicated in the menu what the ingredients are.

For the products. They have balms, mosquito spray, aroma sticks that have cool names which trigger you to buy one because they’re made from herbs and the packaging are cool. They have so many products.

What do you like in Satinka?

The honey. Haha. When you order tea, there’s always a small cup of fresh honey. It is sourced from Sagada which make my friend and I happy. It is from Sagada, it is a product of the Philippines. Yey! Also, I always get the feeling of being revived from the unhealthy food I ate. I feel re-freshened.

What makes you go back in Satinka Naturals?

Should I say everything? I like the uniqueness of the bistro. I love the art, the music, the food. I love it because it is natural like it’s always new whenever I go there. Also, I’m a kind of person that doesn’t go with the trend. Satinka is not an obsolete place but it has its own. Okay! I got the word, it’s artisan.


Beyond the modernism, there is a place in a city which gives you a different ambiance. This place is so traditional where you thought you are far from where you are. You thought that you are somewhere with no irritable buzzing sounds, no crowded street. Just like a place surrounded with pine trees and cold thick air. A place where you forget about the quick-served fried chicken or a preserved salad. Just like a place where grandma will serve you a freshly baked bread or a newly prepared saucy dish.

It’s Satinka Naturals.

Self-proclaimed vegan,


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