Film photography is the new old

I like film photography because of the effects it give to each photos but the film, what am I gonna do with the film?

Currently, eureka gave me something to think about photography. It started when I saw JK‘s IG and realized that he’s into photography (tho I saw him before with a Fujifilm camera). Anyway, I checked his feed and loved the quality of each photos. Well, Fujifilm has very good vintage looking camera.

Later on, I talked to an acquaintance on Instagram who does film photography. I told him I was planning to buy a camera but thinking if I will choose digital or analog so I asked him about the film he used. I want to know what he does with it and why film camera? 

Self fulfillment. Film camera give different feels.

Buying a camera needs so many considerations; since I am frugal, I need to make good decisions to be sure with what I’ll get. Thus, I asked him important questions like getting more clarifications or something that’ll convince me to buy film camera. He told me that it gives him fulfillment. Okay.

I know I’ll never get that fulfillment if I didn’t try, right?

Old camera I took from my aunt’s drawer

Isn’t analog camera expensive?

This was my first problem. I know my parents will asked me what to do with the film. Parang sayang. Buying film with cost you, developing the photos might empty your wallet. But it won’t unless you develop all the film. It’s your choice if you want to develop it after. And I guess, digital cameras are rather than expensive because you have to update the specs or whatever those are, and upgrade the looks, the lenses, and if you gonna develop the photos, you might even print those repeated shots.

What will you do with the films?

I guess, the people lately always want to see the result, like in Digital cameras, we’ll all can see how we look like so we can take more shots or delete what we don’t like. But with films, you’ll be limited with your shots. You will just take necessary subjects and will be careful with the subject because every film is precious.

Also, you can store the film. You can even store the photos in digital cameras though it need space and *crossfinger* hopefully, the storage won’t corrupt.

Again, it’s your choice if you want to develop the film.

Photo taken through Nikon EM 500mm // YKL 100 Film


What do you like about film camera?

I think I’d said it before that I’m in love with vintage items. I like how it looks like I feel different when I use traditional items. The funny fact is that if automatically provides photos with random touch of VSCO effects.

I like digital cameras too. It was actually my dream to own a DSLR but with the effects, it’ll take me time to Photoshop a photo or edit it on VSCO to get the effect that I want. I like how film camera surprise me with it’s own effect. Btw, it depends with the film you use.


Will you choose DSLR or Film Camera?

I’ll choose both. Of course, I want to be part of both traditional and modern photography. But for now, I’m in love with films. And for DSLR, I always want to capture every moments, so I need more shots. Hihi.

What kind of camera will I buy?

I asked Peter the type of camera for beginners. He said that any point and shoot camera will do – the auto focus type.

For me, if you really want a film camera, you have to study it’s parts first so you can buy your own. You can watch on Youtube. Some videos will teach you how to shoot, how to put the film, and/or how to set up the camera. In that case, you will know what kind of camera you have to buy – not just with the looks but with what’s in it.


Where can I buy a film camera?

You can order at film4ever on Instagram. You can use the hashtag #film4everavailable so you will know the products they’re still selling.

If you want the vintage feels, visit the street of Hidalgo in Quiapo. There are lots of camera stores there. They’re selling it in cheaper price.

Team Manila also offer a service in developing and printing, and storing films.

I’m not a camera expert. Just like some people, I am a first time, a rookie. But I’ve started already so I’ll share with you how I started. Hope this helps.

The lomographer,



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