Sunday Currently Pg. 6


It’s June!

My procrastination and hibernation is done. Am I going back to school? Check it out in this article! Anyway, lately, I’ve been busy doing stuff I like which made me tired to think  and explain things though I like to blog. So far, Sunday Currently is easier to share than to create a unique article.



Messages on Messenger because I have this application now. I don’t know if it is a big deal but my friends were glad and they’re pushing me to explore this application. They’re like welcoming me to the new world of technology.


I’m writing a letter to wait for it. wait for it~ Okay. I think I’m not gonna tell for a while dahil baka hindi matuloy; but to give you an idea, it is about blogging. I’m going to write someone to have my part as contributor.


To news. Oh di ba, hindi music. The news lately is devastating. Some are scared and some are emotional with what’s happening on Earth. I don’t say that I don’t care. I do really care actually but my prayers comfortable. My prayers somehow make me calm.

If you are in fear right now or currently in a frightening event, always and always pray. Remember God above all else. Don’t worry, I pray for you too.


about the illustration I made for Project Reverie. The post cards were done and ready for scanning but I’m still broke so I’m thinking how I’m gonna finish the book. I have deadlines. TT


something but I have allergic rhinitis so I can’t figure out what that is.


for more good sleep. I’ve been sleepless these past few days and speaking of sleepless, dear, the movie Sleepless is very relatable. The movie is simple but the meaning is hard to get unless you’re insomniac. Just kidding.


that I won’t forget God. Weeks before June starts, I kept on telling God how anxious I am about forgetting Him when I start working. I observed myself that I am actively serving in church and having quality time with Him when I still don’t have a job, but when I got employed, it became hard for me to give my time to Him or to balance things. I was anxious because before, I almost forgot Him and I got depressed.  I don’t want that to happen again. How to you balance things? Can you give me tips?


Pajamas and a top I wore at church earlier.


the new job I got! Wuhu~ I am now working in an advertising agency and as a rookie, I am assigned in organizing block screening. It was fun but just in case you ask – we don’t have a free movie watch. We just organize. Also, loving the attitude I showed lately which is not scared of facing people. I don’t feel fake unlike before that feel drained at the end of the day.


to buy a film camera. I have been so curious of what I am gonna shoot whenever I have my own camera. Film camera is the new old.


more ideas. My aunt is asking me to create a logo for their business. Again, deadlines~


Re freshened. My first day at work was dreadful. I hibernated for months, waking too early was difficult. I almost got faint for being sleepy. It was actually an advantage because I was sleepless in 2 months. Somehow my work helped me adjust my body clock.

So, there it is my dear friends. I am now employed. I now got the job I wanted to have. If you really want something to happen in your life, something you are passionate of, it’s better to do it now. My friends and I have this motto “What Clarence wants, Clarence gets”. This is a sort of our friendship motto.

The organizer,


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