My first iART FEST: Sticker haul and donation


It has been a long time since I attended an art event. I have been too busy these past few months but I was thankful that a friend invited me to go this event (but ended up going my own since he got a sudden change of schedule). 

When my bag met this artwork


Anyway, iARTFEST is obviously an art event conducted at World Trade Manila (it’s my first time to enter this place) last July 19-22 which highlights different masterpiece of local artists. There were photographs, paintings, comics, stickers, and a lot that shows how talented these people are.

Mandatory photo of the admission card


Since it is my genre, I appreciate every gallery I saw that’s why I make sure that I didn’t miss any stall. Gladly, I met this ahjussi who was approachable to my questions about oil painting. It was great that even in a few minutes, we had a casual oil painting workshop while he was painting canvas. This ahjussi is Uy Leonardo; he is an art teacher who, of course, makes different sizes of paintings. He doesn’t have a store or a place to sell his paintings, but just in case you’re interested, you can search him at (oh I forgot the school). His students had him join this event which for me is very touching. Please check his Facebook account. 

Roaming around the area, Art Nebula was also offering a free testing for their brushes. This part gave me a mini heart attack. I tried to paint myself and I actually didn’t review the brushes because, for me, those brushes were still like my brushes; but, I was interested in the watercolor painting that I used which is the kind of paint I like to have. Basically, what made me cry was I was broke and I couldn’t buy any of their art materials.


I painted myself. It has been a long time since I painted.


Apart from appreciating art, I even encountered a cringy or try-not-to-laugh challenge scenario of a stall that has a signage of “Do not touch the painting”; then, this old citizen was checking each painting while touching every artwork. Oh-my-glob. That made me itch, to be honest. Does anyone know that paintings shouldn’t be touched?

These paintings are really awesome.


My day at the event was highlighted with my obsession with stickers. There were different selling items like paintings, comics, art materials and so on but one reason of going to this event was for me to buy stickers. “”I was glad that someone made Kat Galang a sticker.“”

Yeah. This guy even became a sticker.

I got my stickers from Yolkers Collab, Loser Mangaka, a guy at GGp stall and at WWF stall. I want to buy more since some stickers were selling at cheap prices but I won’t be able to go back home if I bought all of them.


Sticker haul of a frugal artist


However, at the end of my day, I happened to be at WWF’s stall. I was checking the stall when this guy named Lloyd introduced WWF to me. I was expecting that they will let me give donations. (fast forward) WWF was funding people around the Philippines who have specific needs. If you’re interested in animals, food, people, or anything, WWF has it. You just have to call them or check their website to know more about giving donations or just simply knowing who and what they are funding to. The Philippines is a very beautiful country being cared of by indigent people.

WWF Landline: 929-1258

WWF Website:

This is a beautiful painting. It reminds me of my childhood.



This is my favorite artwork


She looks like Arya

iARTFEST offered free admission. It was a good event to go to especially for students. I thank God for letting me attend this event even on the last day. If you hadn’t attended this opportunity, I hope next year will be your time. This is something to pump your motivation. Well, I hope to meet you someday.



The attender,


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