I can’t sell these tote bags because I am an introvert

I like making my ideas happen. I can’t sleep until I did it. So, recently, I put my ideas into reality. This idea had actually been thought of since last year but I decided to apply it on the first quarter this year.

I like painting but to tell you honestly, I’m no better in doing it. I get insecure to people who can really draw or paint the exact subject but on the other hand, looking at their artworks makes me think that I can do it too.

I don’t like business. However, this year, I decided to apply the ideas I had last year. I decided to open up an online shop where I can sell my artworks. I both love painting and tote bags which were I started my business with.

My shop is now running for almost five months. Is it getting better? I guess not. Running this shop made me anxious. For months, I have been identifying the problem. My shop is not yet dead but it feels like it’s already close. But despite this malnourished idea, I learned five things in building an online business. 

1. Do not be shy to tell them that you’re selling something. Remember that having a business needs to have a customer. Don’t be shy to tell them (like what I am). I am too insecure to simply say that I am selling my artwork, YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT. Let them know first that your shop exists. You can tell them by sharing your shop’s link. Who are they who you can send the link to? Your friends. Your family. They can help you tell other people about your shop. Share it to people who you are comfortable to speak with.

2. Remember it’s online. You can sell without showing your face, just your product. Thus, you can say anything to sell them but make sure that your write ups will connect with the people who can see your post.

3. Promote your product. If you have few followers, your product will surely not reach many people around the social media especially your target market; you need to promote your product. It will cost you but you can start with 50 pesos. I’m using Facebook so I am familiar with getting more reach. Check out your Facebook page on how to promote your page/product.

4. Update your online shop. Always update your page. You can post daily or weekly but not monthly – so that people online will know that your page is still working whenever they checked it. One thing that people ignore an online shop is that they thought that there is no seller or a product. Make sure that you put new products.

5. Do not close your shop unless you don’t want to produce anymore. I still have so much ideas in my head so I want continue. The only problem with mine is that there are no customers who seem to have interest in buying my products. I haven’t done number 3 and 4 yet since I always on hiatus in holding my shop.

My online shop is Four Tassels. I am not selling tassel earrings or whatsoever but hand-painted tote bags instead since I am fond of this kind of bag. It is named Four Tassels because of the verse I got from the Bible:

You will have these tassels to look at and so you will remember all the commands of the Lord (Numbers 15:39)

Through my paintings, I remember the Lord. I remember Him through this talent He gave me. It is my form of therapy though I feel anxious at times when no one is interested to buy my products. Haha. Anyway, two of my produce were sold already.

If you want to buy, three of my designs above are for sale. Those are 20% OFF this month. You can send me a message or check my shop for updates. I have a new collection to come. Keep updated. 🙂



The online seller,


9 Replies to “I can’t sell these tote bags because I am an introvert”

  1. Oh my same here, I can’t sell my stuff so I am starting to get frustrated. But I actually haven’t tried promoting my shop. So I might give it a try I guess 🙂 thanks for the tips.
    Ps. I’m an introvert too


      1. i think that’s something good to try too. i’m actually going to try consignment and see if it will work out. 🙂 is your online store still open?


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