They told me I’m beautiful | Guess how

Let me tell you how I look like.

I am a skinny short young lady. My hair is in medium length with very short bangs. They always greet me “annyeong hasaeyo” because my bangs made me look like Korean which in fact I got my hair inspiration from a hipster.

Just in case you imagined that I look like Korean. I’m totally not. My eyebrows don’t look like those you see in K-dramas. Mine is like the eyebrows of the Japanese emperor – thick but messy. I have Asian eyes tho and my lashes are thick and long. I have tiny pimples and open pores. My upper lip is brown while the lower part is pinkish. And oh, my nose is like the angry Tamaraw.

How about my body? This may sound weird and uncomfortable but, okay, let me have you draw it in your mind. As what I’ve said, I am thin but my favorite body part are my collar bones. I don’t have a Kardashian body, by the way.

However, this year, it is so weird and flattering at the same time that I’m receiving comments from different people about how they appreciate my looks and how beautiful I became. I don’t want to brag but I’m consistently receiving those kinds of compliments. Thus, it is I, again, identifying the reason behind this curiosity.

1. I failed to be Vegan. If you have read my article about my favorite bistro, it help me a lot to strive eating healthily. I already knew that I won’t be vegan and my attempt will fail but the weeks and months of me trying hard to eat like one is still a success. I still eat meat but I appreciate eating vegetables and fruits. I don’t have a problem eating this because I grew up in a family who eats raw greens.

I think one of the stereotypes of being vegan is that the food they eat is pricey, but this is where I order my food:

2. Try organic. I’m obsessed with organic food lately. After having diarrhea, I became sensitive with the food I eat. I dropped pork in my list since I attempt to be vegan and aside from that, I learned that the food that animal eats is dirty. Well, I think most of what we eat have preservatives or chemicals. I eat organic food as much as possible – meat or vegatables.

  • Homegrown Organics – My family likes salad. Gladly, we found this cheap salad online. It only costs 65 pesos.

3. Goodbye Jollibee. Don’t think that I stopped eating fastfood. I still am eating but now, I prefer buying fruit shakes than ordering at any fast food restaurants. I got more strict with this one since it is where I had diarrhea (I ate three fast meals the day before I got sick).


If you observed, I enumerated tips about the food I eat. That’s because I got results from what I did; I don’t want to share about the hours of sleep you have to get or about jogging or whatever because I never did those. To be honest, I didn’t expect that I will get a good result. Since I got it now, I shared it with you guys.

Please don’t expect that I became like Liza Soberano. I only received a healthy and clean body. I look glooming (that’s what they said) and a good bowel movement.

If you know Daniel from the Bible. He is telling the truth:

Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink… he (the king) found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his whole kingdom.

Daniel 1:12 & 20


I’m healthy,


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