I am Clarence. I am a girl. People mostly thought that I am Korean, but I am not. I look like Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, or Vietnamese. I believe I represent every Asian face.

I am curious. They said that curiosity can kill but it’s my way to learn new things. I just mix it up with good judgment. My curiosity even helped me to love facing people. I like sharing my thoughts but I share it with so much flaws, like grammar flaws. Since it’s hard for me to express my ideas verbally.
Sometimes, I don’t know what I want to do until eureka comes in.

And this blog is telling you how I am in my current mood and situation.

  • I love art and learning more about it. I share what I learned and discovered at painting and photography.
  • Travelling is also one of my interests. I am a frugal traveler so I share my budget to my readers
  • My musings were also shared here especially about how I encounter and overcome the challenges of life


Get to know me more by checking out my random articles.


First times and curiosities,

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