Challenge yourself a cup of tea this 2018

Last January, I had the decision to stop drinking coffee for a month due to anxiety issues. It worked, and I succeed. So, this year, I made another good decision to start the year with cleansing.


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Satchmi: A nostalgic shop

Ever since we’re kids, coffee has always been on the table no matter what time of the day you want it – breakfast, lunch, dinner. This drink is always number one on your list over milk, or sometimes hot chocolate. Thus, I’m never curious why so many coffee shops are established nowadays.

2017-10-12 08.12_satchmi

On my way to work, this shop I always passed by has never given me a time to sit and enjoy their menu. I never was. It’s just in time that I should drop off my film to that place. Great. I went there the time I was broke. No worries, I still had the experience to enter the dark caramel shop. Continue reading “Satchmi: A nostalgic shop”

Nature friendly coffee shop

Some people know that I am fond of drinking coffee. However, this year, I decided to lie low in drinking because of my health. Still, the universe of coffee is pulling me closer with it’s aroma. I cannot contain.

While I was searching online for places in Manila, I found a photo of this coffee shop named Blocleaf Cafe. It is fascinating because of the calming interior it has. For a first time, I took the chance to visit and work in this Muji inspired cafeteria.


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Eat healthy | Eat at Satinka Naturals

If you’re gonna ask me if I am vegan. No. I love vegetables and fresh food tho. I want to be a vegan but I can’t let go of samgyupsal. However, it might be hard for me if you’ll make me choose between kimchi or samgyup.

Anyway, my friend introduced an underground cafe that I was seeing before which I thought was a very sad and soon-to-close resto. It’s because I couldn’t see any customers inside; but apology everyone, I judged the place because I never thought that people dine on the upper floor.

After dining there, I started to love this cafe. You might wonder why.

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No Coffee Challenge


On the the first week of January, I was so restless and sleepless. Actually, my Christmas holiday was not as fun as it should be. My days were so stressful and tiring which gave me sickness on New year’s eve. After that, my body got so numb though I know my body was tired. I was having a hard time getting good sleep and was so anxious as well. It’s like the weeks of in-taking caffeine and alcohol took effect after I got ill.

Few days after new year’s celebration, I realized that I haven’t had a cup of coffee. I wanted to but my body told me that it prefers the taste of water; that’s when I decided not to drink coffee for a month.

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My first night at Ludo

I didn’t expect to go here. My friends and I actually planned to go in a burger restaurant but we passed by at Ludo as we went to Sweet Ecstasy. It was drizzling  but the evening weather was hot. We walked at the very end of the street were the burger restaurant is located. The place was full packed. It was drizzling and our clothes were moist. There were no available seats. We stayed for 5 minutes outside the restaurant and thought of plan B.

LUDO. It was the only option. Actually there are lots of option but one of my friends is fond of board games so she markets this game bar. She won. Ayaw na rin namin mag-isip ng matagal at pumunta sa malayo dahil gabi na at sayang ang oras. The cafe is one block away from Sweet Ecstasy.  Continue reading “My first night at Ludo”

My Recovery Food

Dessert is what most people eat whenever they feel the negative emotion. Google call it emotional eating. People tend to eat and fill their emotion, not the stomach.

I don’t always eat sweet foods because I don’t have a sweet tooth. However, this year had made me so emotional. Guess what, there’s something great happen on the last week of 2014 – my grandma had just died. Happy new year!

Of course, there was the process of grieving. That was the time I discovered Theo and Philo chocolate bars in the refrigerator.

My favorite flavors of Theo and Philo Chocolates
  • Type: Dark Chocolate
  • Flavor: Green Mango with Sea Salt and Siling Labuyo (Chili)
  • Taste: Green Mango with Sea Salt is salty. Instead of plum, there are chewy mango bits inside. Siling Labuyo is simply spicy after taste. There are other flavors, but I love dark chocolate. Check here.
  • Place to buy: Any branches of Bo’s Coffee. I guess there are other stores selling these. I don’t know. I mostly see it at Bo’s.
  • Price: 110 Pesos


Then, at the third quarter of the year. I am still emotional because of my work as a Korean tutor. You call it stress. Good thing, someone gave me an ice cream. By the way, I don’t eat ice cream because I easily get tonsillitis but this one is delicious.

Binggrae Samanco Ice Cream
  • Type: Wafer Ice cream
  • Flavor: Red bean. Other flavors are chocolate, strawberry.
  • Taste: Not that sweet because all the taste are balance – the wafer, bean, and vanilla ice cream. Based on my experience, I am obsessed. I want to eat again after I finished the first.
  • Place to buy: I buy it in a Korean academy. Other places are Korean store, Metro Supermarket Taguig along the aisle with international products, supermarkets.
  • Price: 35 pesos

Eating these foods are effective. It seriously uplifts my mood. I guess people have different ways to de-stress their selves. Anyway, these are my recovery food. These are delicious and mood changer but I don’t eat too much to prevent the bad effects in my body.

Make your own salad (Simple Recipe)

2015-10-10 11.49.56 1


  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Boiled egg (sliced)
  • Nori (Seaweed)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Cheese (cube)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Pinch of Salt

These are the line ups of my ingredients. These ingredients are always available in our refrigerator so it is really easy to prepare.

TASTE: 8 over 10. 10 as the highest score.

Make you own too and comment it below. Tell me how it tastes.