Gender Reveal Party Idea | Free Printable


Two weeks ago, my cousin and I organized, hosted, and conducted a baby reveal party for our Aunt. It was our first event that was planned by us. We were so glad that the weeks of preparation had ended successfully. Continue reading “Gender Reveal Party Idea | Free Printable”


Cheap snail mail products

Sending letters is still working. The post offices around the country are still open. This kind of craft is making little noise so we, yes, even I, thought that snail mails are over. However, this year, I came to see the old letters my friend from Korea had sent me 3 years ago. I decided to send her my response through mail because I only responded via Kakaotalk.

Also, browsing on Instagram everyday, I saw people posting their creative mails which got me enlivened to really send my friend one. Another thing that have me work is when my blogger friend and I had tackled about sending letters to people on Christmas. (I’m sorry! I do not know if I should say this. Haha) Anyway, this time, I wanted to share with you the things I use at making mails


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Found a new hobby | Embroidery

At my age, there are many things to explore and discover and the internet helped me to find those.


Lately, I was searching more ideas for my online shop when I saw cute embroidery patterns on Instagram. I got fascinated with it since it was an old past-time. What I mean is that this hobby was during my grandma’s age and I’m glad that some people are still doing it.

Since I love vintage and traditional art, I decided to study and try embroidery. Continue reading “Found a new hobby | Embroidery”

Paintings made from insecurities

I hope, paintings and sculptures are loved like how most people love music.

Art, I believe is hard to sell, especially if the target market is not art inclined. Artist buy other artists’ design – which for me is the truth of selling this kind of product.

Since I am not very good at painting, I sometimes get insecure with other artists’ work. It made me down because I can’t even create a perfect art. If I enroll myself in an art school, I guess it will frustrate me more because it surely let me know that I am not a real artist.

However, despite my insecurities, the heaven is so gracious that it uses my insecurities to design more. Since I cannot make a realistic design, I used my impotence to design the imperfections.

What will you mostly see in any art gallery? Abstract painting, landscape, portraits, and so on and they are all good. After crying (not literally) with frustration, I decided to paint what some people are insecure about.

I painted three medical conditions.


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I can’t sell these tote bags because I am an introvert

I like making my ideas happen. I can’t sleep until I did it. So, recently, I put my ideas into reality. This idea had actually been thought of since last year but I decided to apply it on the first quarter this year.

I like painting but to tell you honestly, I’m no better in doing it. I get insecure to people who can really draw or paint the exact subject but on the other hand, looking at their artworks makes me think that I can do it too.

I don’t like business. However, this year, I decided to apply the ideas I had last year. I decided to open up an online shop where I can sell my artworks. I both love painting and tote bags which were I started my business with.

My shop is now running for almost five months. Is it getting better? I guess not. Running this shop made me anxious. For months, I have been identifying the problem. My shop is not yet dead but it feels like it’s already close. But despite this malnourished idea, I learned five things in building an online business.  Continue reading “I can’t sell these tote bags because I am an introvert”

My first iART FEST: Sticker haul and donation


It has been a long time since I attended an art event. I have been too busy these past few months but I was thankful that a friend invited me to go this event (but ended up going my own since he got a sudden change of schedule). 

When my bag met this artwork


Anyway, iARTFEST is obviously an art event conducted at World Trade Manila (it’s my first time to enter this place) last July 19-22 which highlights different masterpiece of local artists. There were photographs, paintings, comics, stickers, and a lot that shows how talented these people are.

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Tote Bag Project

It’s been a month since I started my tote bag project.

To share with you the story behind this project, I was actually fond of painting – then eureka came and I tried acrylic painting on my tote bag last year.

I planned doing this project on the last month of 2016 but didn’t pursue it ’cause I don’t like starting up a business without a reason. Fortunately, the new year came and I became a part of a building project which means I am also gonna be financing the building. That building, if you want to know, is for a certain community. The building had already, well, built, though it’s kinda old so they decided to renovate it.

Since that building will cause a million, I have to do something to aid the project. That is how I started this tote bag business.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The good Creator pours this artistic talent in me and I humbly wanting to use it for the world. Reading the previous made me cringe but yeah, I don’t want to use this for selfish ambition.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Here are the samples of my design. It only costs 300 pesos. The money will obviously be donated for the building.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

If you want to see more designs, you can visit my Facebook page.
I will be designing more. If you want to request, you can send me a private message but I guess I’ll do it in my own style ’cause I want to design from my heart.

Your painter,