Guess what: Manila Central Post Office is actually stunning

Guess what? It is my first time to visit Manila Post Office and I was mesmerized with its stunning interior.

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So, this is what Venice looks like


I haven’t traveled abroad. I haven’t even been to Italy. But when I do, I just book a Grab.

It’s 3 in the morning when I prep my things for a photo shoot. I was quite excited which had me stare at my closet deciding what to wear. It was cold that morning so I grab my fave blue three-quarter sleeve shirt and wore my only ripped jeans. I wore my white shoes and took my cousin’s old cap then head to Venice.

I was my first. I never thought I would have the chance to enter that 19 century architectural place. What I even like with this experience was that the place was still close – means that it wan’t crowded.


It was 8 in the morning when these birds hung out with us by the tent. To be honest, I only see flock of doves on TV. Too bad, I didn’t see them being fed during the photo shoot because I was out for some errands.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is the grand canal.


Seeing the turquoise water or the canal itself was enough with me. Seeing those models riding the gondola was already fine with me as long as they enjoyed and experienced it.


But I was given a chance to ride it. So, that’s how it felt like. It was relaxing and magical. Yeah. Magical was too cheesy I know but the ambiance was kinda romantic. You will understand what I mean if the ad material came out.

For now, I just want you to see the people behind the cameras.


Sorry, I said people but I only showed my manager. Yeah, we were all tired but riding the gondola was our sort of reward for the day.


That’s a wrap for now. Thank you!


Ci sentiamo,

Remembering my grandma in Laguna


December has became a special month for me because of this expected low-key experience with my grandma. It was year 2014 when all I did was to sleep on the soft mattress on the floor beside lola’s bed and her dextrose as I celebrate the holiday. I wanted to make the Christmas special with her because time will come that I wouldn’t be able to celebrate it with her. Until it happened two days before 2015 or a week I guess- grandma passed away. Continue reading “Remembering my grandma in Laguna”

Time to visit Escolta Manila

Escolta, if you haven’t heard, is an old street in Manila connected with Ongpin, Binondo, Sta Cruz, and Divisoria. I’ve been living in Manila for almost five years now and I have less interest with this area – not just Escolta but the the whole area after crossing Jones Bridge. I don’t like it since it is crowded and bit scary because I grew up hearing bad impressions. Since I was not much interested, I didn’t know where exactly Escolta is.

However, this year, I got a perfect time to know about this place. My experience was way different from what I heard. Thanks to my desperation in finding ways to sell my products and my excitement to use my film camera. I was able to discover about 98B Collaboratory – a place for crafters, and had a chance to enjoy Escolta Block Party.

I took the opportunity to explore the street after our event last Saturday. I called my mom to meet her in Binondo. The weather was gloomy but I love how it gave cool air which was perfect for the walk.

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Travelling with your family | Bolinao

Have you tried travelling with your family (with your relatives, nieces and nephews, tito, tita, lolo, lola) and thought that you’d better have a trip with your friends? I’d thought that during our trip but I never hated it.

You like going on a trip with them ’cause you’re seeing them enjoying while you’re also enjoying yourself. But, I don’t like it when I want to go somewhere and I have to stay where they can see me ’cause they’re bit paranoid that something bad might happen to me if I am far from them. Continue reading “Travelling with your family | Bolinao”

Holiday in Baguio + Frugal Travel Tips

I’ve been punching myself to be reminded that I must not visit Baguio on Christmas holidays! But I must still thankful that it happened ’cause I had a learning experience which I want to share with you guys if ever you decided to visit the city of Pines on Christmas season.

Since Baguio has lower temperature from the month of December to February, many people tend to go there to catch the freezing weather. The last time I went there was October then I blog about my musings and hacks (which there actually aren’t many hacks there). So, my third time was last December 26, 2016. The experience had given me mooooore hacks than I could experience.

So, if you’re planning to get a trip to Baguio on holidays, especially this coming February for Panagbenga Festival, let me give you these expectations.

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Travel hacks and musings in Baguio

Life hacks and musings_cover_CROP.png

It’s my second visit in Baguio. I can’t tell if my first time was not the best one since it’s just a day tour with my family. For the second time, I got triggered to visit again because of my cousin’s Baguio trip stories and it even coincide with my recent life issues.

Anyway, I’m supposed to go alone but my mom don’t want me to so I went there with a friend who hasn’t been to Baguio. It’s her first time so I was quite anxious that her first trip would be fun. For us to enjoy the trip, since we only have two days to stay, I created an itinerary for the first time.

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