What I gained from the bloggers during Chinatown photowalk

Hello everyone! We are here in… saan na nga ulit? Ongpin!

Well that was what I mostly hear from the bloggers who film their selves for their IG story. The tour at the Chinatown was another great experience of mine which I think the good part was I didn’t expect to really get close with these bloggers the whole day. In case you ask why we’re in Binondo is because we are to involve the upcoming Chinese New Year with a popular brand.

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What happened to me lately | Anniversary

Ngayon, nagdecide akong isulat ito sa Tagalog.
Sobrang daming title ang naiisip ko para sa article na ‘to sa pagsariwa ng nangyari sa’kin isang taon ang nakakalipas – Surviving the Pain 101, Those Faces I Want to Punch, Kill them with Kindness, at kung anu-ano pa. Kaso, minabuti kong simplehan nalang katulad ng ibang title.

Hindi na ‘ko magkukwento nang pinakanangyari. Sasabihin ko na lang kung ano ang nangyari pagkatapos.


Masakit. At masakit dahil ilang araw nalang bago ang kaarawan ng nanay ko. Regalo ko ang isang masamang balita. Kalmado kong sinabi pero alam ko umiiyak na siya. Hindi niya lang pinapakita. Hindi siya sumasabay sa tuwing dadapa nalang ako at hahagulgol. Parang tanga di ba? Parang tanga sa mga hindi nararamdaman ang sakit.

Isang buwan pagkatapos, may desisyon akong pwedeng gawin. Pwede akong bumawi, pwede akong lumaban pero hindi ko ginawa dahil ayokong magdesisyon ng sobrang lungkot o sobrang galit. Basta ang alam ko, bwisit kayo, pupunta akong Baguio.

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What happened to me lately | Anxiety

Moving-on is one of the hardest things I do. I’m not clinically diagnosed but I know I have either General Anxiety Disorder or depression or both. That’s why I limit myself from drinking coffee.

My issue from last year was hard to forget. Though I felt fine, there were still times that the pain kept on coming back. Lately, that certain sadness came back; so, again, I am trying to get back to my senses and escape from that pain. However, it was surfaced with a new issue.

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Film photography is the new old

I like film photography because of the effects it give to each photos but the film, what am I gonna do with the film?

Currently, eureka gave me something to think about photography. It started when I saw JK‘s IG and realized that he’s into photography (tho I saw him before with a Fujifilm camera). Anyway, I checked his feed and loved the quality of each photos. Well, Fujifilm has very good vintage looking camera.

Later on, I talked to an acquaintance on Instagram who does film photography. I told him I was planning to buy a camera but thinking if I will choose digital or analog so I asked him about the film he used. I want to know what he does with it and why film camera? 

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What happened to me lately | Blog Debut

I’ve been busy for a week because of the grace God has pouring me. Thank you, Lord.
The week was tiring but guess what, I palpitated with joy.

The week has made my mind and body tired with lots of things coming my way and one thing with that was how am I going to start my new blog with an article of what the theme is about. Okay, right now, I’m tired of typing and correcting my grammar.

But guess what made me tired recently

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My Birthday Time Capsule

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It took me hours to finalize the title.

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Tell me about your last birthday.

Two days to go and it will be a beginning and an ending of my life. I mean ending of my age and new age will sprout. Anyways, I am still thinking what to do on that day. Unlike before, I was quite demanding in celebrating my birthday because I knew people were planning to surprise me. I was alluding them with what I want to happen or to see on my birthday. It was actually my first time doing that ’cause I don’t usually expect anything on my birthday.

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