Paintings made from insecurities

I hope, paintings and sculptures are loved like how most people love music.

Art, I believe is hard to sell, especially if the target market is not art inclined. Artist buy other artists’ design – which for me is the truth of selling this kind of product.

Since I am not very good at painting, I sometimes get insecure with other artists’ work. It made me down because I can’t even create a perfect art. If I enroll myself in an art school, I guess it will frustrate me more because it surely let me know that I am not a real artist.

However, despite my insecurities, the heaven is so gracious that it uses my insecurities to design more. Since I cannot make a realistic design, I used my impotence to design the imperfections.

What will you mostly see in any art gallery? Abstract painting, landscape, portraits, and so on and they are all good. After crying (not literally) with frustration, I decided to paint what some people are insecure about.

I painted three medical conditions.


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They told me I’m beautiful | Guess how

Let me tell you how I look like.

I am a skinny short young lady. My hair is in medium length with very short bangs. They always greet me “annyeong hasaeyo” because my bangs made me look like Korean which in fact I got my hair inspiration from a hipster.

Just in case you imagined that I look like Korean. I’m totally not. My eyebrows don’t look like those you see in K-dramas. Mine is like the eyebrows of the Japanese emperor – thick but messy. I have Asian eyes tho and my lashes are thick and long. I have tiny pimples and open pores. My upper lip is brown while the lower part is pinkish. And oh, my nose is like the angry Tamaraw.

How about my body? This may sound weird and uncomfortable but, okay, let me have you draw it in your mind. As what I’ve said, I am thin but my favorite body part are my collar bones. I don’t have a Kardashian body, by the way.

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I can’t sell these tote bags because I am an introvert

I like making my ideas happen. I can’t sleep until I did it. So, recently, I put my ideas into reality. This idea had actually been thought of since last year but I decided to apply it on the first quarter this year.

I like painting but to tell you honestly, I’m no better in doing it. I get insecure to people who can really draw or paint the exact subject but on the other hand, looking at their artworks makes me think that I can do it too.

I don’t like business. However, this year, I decided to apply the ideas I had last year. I decided to open up an online shop where I can sell my artworks. I both love painting and tote bags which were I started my business with.

My shop is now running for almost five months. Is it getting better? I guess not. Running this shop made me anxious. For months, I have been identifying the problem. My shop is not yet dead but it feels like it’s already close. But despite this malnourished idea, I learned five things in building an online business.  Continue reading “I can’t sell these tote bags because I am an introvert”

My first iART FEST: Sticker haul and donation


It has been a long time since I attended an art event. I have been too busy these past few months but I was thankful that a friend invited me to go this event (but ended up going my own since he got a sudden change of schedule). 

When my bag met this artwork


Anyway, iARTFEST is obviously an art event conducted at World Trade Manila (it’s my first time to enter this place) last July 19-22 which highlights different masterpiece of local artists. There were photographs, paintings, comics, stickers, and a lot that shows how talented these people are.

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What happened to me lately | Anxiety

Moving-on is one of the hardest things I do. I’m not clinically diagnosed but I know I have either General Anxiety Disorder or depression or both. That’s why I limit myself from drinking coffee.

My issue from last year was hard to forget. Though I felt fine, there were still times that the pain kept on coming back. Lately, that certain sadness came back; so, again, I am trying to get back to my senses and escape from that pain. However, it was surfaced with a new issue.

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Sunday Currently Pg. 6


It’s June!

My procrastination and hibernation is done. Am I going back to school? Check it out in this article! Anyway, lately, I’ve been busy doing stuff I like which made me tired to think  and explain things though I like to blog. So far, Sunday Currently is easier to share than to create a unique article.


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Film photography is the new old

I like film photography because of the effects it give to each photos but the film, what am I gonna do with the film?

Currently, eureka gave me something to think about photography. It started when I saw JK‘s IG and realized that he’s into photography (tho I saw him before with a Fujifilm camera). Anyway, I checked his feed and loved the quality of each photos. Well, Fujifilm has very good vintage looking camera.

Later on, I talked to an acquaintance on Instagram who does film photography. I told him I was planning to buy a camera but thinking if I will choose digital or analog so I asked him about the film he used. I want to know what he does with it and why film camera? 

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Eat healthy | Eat at Satinka Naturals

If you’re gonna ask me if I am vegan. No. I love vegetables and fresh food tho. I want to be a vegan but I can’t let go of samgyupsal. However, it might be hard for me if you’ll make me choose between kimchi or samgyup.

Anyway, my friend introduced an underground cafe that I was seeing before which I thought was a very sad and soon-to-close resto. It’s because I couldn’t see any customers inside; but apology everyone, I judged the place because I never thought that people dine on the upper floor.

After dining there, I started to love this cafe. You might wonder why.

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What happened to me lately | Blog Debut

I’ve been busy for a week because of the grace God has pouring me. Thank you, Lord.
The week was tiring but guess what, I palpitated with joy.

The week has made my mind and body tired with lots of things coming my way and one thing with that was how am I going to start my new blog with an article of what the theme is about. Okay, right now, I’m tired of typing and correcting my grammar.

But guess what made me tired recently

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