The ABCs of Hand Lettering Review


This is the first art book that I have. I am happy to see things inside and learn. Since I have a background in lettering – it was the first thing I learned by the way,  I am excited to improve it.

CHAPTER 1: Getting Started

Abby Sy, a letterer, discussed the difference between lettering and typography. In this part, I learned that I am a typographer. Now I have something to designate myself.

CHAPTER 2: Fonts

Making fonts is really exciting. There are four font styles given which I can make different typefaces from it.


In typography, I often use these styles – Serif and Sans Serif. In lettering, these two are the easiest because we usually use these on our own handwriting.


Cursive lettering is easy too – IF I do it using pens; since I haven’t used a brush before, writing is bit hard. That’s why constant practice is a must. Practice makes permanent, as Abby Sy said.


Decorative style needs effort but it is worth the effort. For me, though my lettering is not that good but if I use colors, it is satisfying.

CHAPTER 3: The Process

In this chapter, I just realize all the terms that I’m doing in typography. In lettering, it is important too. Embellishing, the processes of adding elements (e.g. shadows, borders, so on) to make the lettering more lively and detailed, was the one I always do.


CHAPTER 4: Featured Artists

I have seen some of the designs given on the book in the actual – especially the “Bawal Umihi Dito” wall art and Googly Eyes’ designs. I got excited and inspired that people who made those outputs exist. I guess I’ll be more happier if I meet them.

CHAPTER 5: Show your work

I was really inspired to improve and continue what was given to me and what I started. Before, I was just happy to make my designs being seen by other people in my church (MG, I’m crying. Birdy’s song is so emotional.) Now, I am more excited and sleepless. I want to make more designs until I become a local artist. I have found my dream. Eureka!


P.S. You can buy this book in National Bookstore.

My Recovery Food

Dessert is what most people eat whenever they feel the negative emotion. Google call it emotional eating. People tend to eat and fill their emotion, not the stomach.

I don’t always eat sweet foods because I don’t have a sweet tooth. However, this year had made me so emotional. Guess what, there’s something great happen on the last week of 2014 – my grandma had just died. Happy new year!

Of course, there was the process of grieving. That was the time I discovered Theo and Philo chocolate bars in the refrigerator.

My favorite flavors of Theo and Philo Chocolates
  • Type: Dark Chocolate
  • Flavor: Green Mango with Sea Salt and Siling Labuyo (Chili)
  • Taste: Green Mango with Sea Salt is salty. Instead of plum, there are chewy mango bits inside. Siling Labuyo is simply spicy after taste. There are other flavors, but I love dark chocolate. Check here.
  • Place to buy: Any branches of Bo’s Coffee. I guess there are other stores selling these. I don’t know. I mostly see it at Bo’s.
  • Price: 110 Pesos


Then, at the third quarter of the year. I am still emotional because of my work as a Korean tutor. You call it stress. Good thing, someone gave me an ice cream. By the way, I don’t eat ice cream because I easily get tonsillitis but this one is delicious.

Binggrae Samanco Ice Cream
  • Type: Wafer Ice cream
  • Flavor: Red bean. Other flavors are chocolate, strawberry.
  • Taste: Not that sweet because all the taste are balance – the wafer, bean, and vanilla ice cream. Based on my experience, I am obsessed. I want to eat again after I finished the first.
  • Place to buy: I buy it in a Korean academy. Other places are Korean store, Metro Supermarket Taguig along the aisle with international products, supermarkets.
  • Price: 35 pesos

Eating these foods are effective. It seriously uplifts my mood. I guess people have different ways to de-stress their selves. Anyway, these are my recovery food. These are delicious and mood changer but I don’t eat too much to prevent the bad effects in my body.


Fact 1:
I don’t like calligraphy though I love typography. Sounds contrasting but script is really not my type of font style.

I write letters on board for announcement, paper when I’m bored, or certificate for names but I rarely do it. I mostly do typography on digital.

I love making typos on digital because the fonts are very convinient. I will just download fonts and my designs are clean and balance.
However, things had changed when I joined a workshop. I saw the advertisement and wanting to learn the brush lettering. I was so curious on how to use brushes on the actual. Calligraphy was included but I didn’t mind it. I just focused on the brush lettering. Haha! How bad was I to ignore calligraphy.

I don’t follow trends. Calligraphy is on trend so I don’t do it.


When the workshop started, I got fascinated with the materials. I looked into the manual and understood more about fonts and materials.IMG_20151114_151936

Things got started and I just realized how things work especially the nib pen. Before, I was so curious how the ink goes out from the nib. When I tried pressing it and started writing letters, I was like WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF CALLIGRAPHY CLARENCE!


I used the brush pen on these letters. It was kinda hard to press the pen so Ms. Jiah showed us how to do it in a right way.


These are my final output. I used watercolor on the black paper. I really don’t know how to use watercolor. *Cry*


Brush pen typography



Digital typography was my thing since high school. I wanted to learn using brushes but I don’t have any ideas and money. I don’t even know how to use colors – that’s why I prefer digital. Now, I am happy that I learned new things. I just realized that it’s good to be passionate but passion stays unless you improve it. Take a step. Break your culture. You’ll discover more and you’ll love more what you love.

Practice makes perfect they say. These are my designs a week after the workshop. I can say that I love calligraphy now. The strokes are relaxing.


A hello from the outer space,



Check Works of Heart PH for more workshops. You can even follow letterers on Instagram. I mostly check Abby Sy’s IG and blog.

When I do things I don’t really do

My head’s like heaven, like a cloud, like a fog
Many blurred things to see from the future, present, and past
From every corner of my circle, there it is. Aha!
Like a virus, entering the one that pumps the blood

And again, another perspective began
Saying no from yes, then again it is yes
Do you see how unfathomable it is?
Than even I, nor science cannot explain

In my eyes I see how it electrified me
The sparks that starts, is it from you or from the above?
I am afraid I might burn from the spark that starts
Now my blood boils. The emotion make it stop!

Please make it stop, I might fall. I am scared again.
I do things I don’t really do begin.
Oh heaven help me! Are you there? Listen?
Or is it his heaven and my heaven that made me fall in love again?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My inspirational song in making this not so good prose

Make your own salad (Simple Recipe)

2015-10-10 11.49.56 1


  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Boiled egg (sliced)
  • Nori (Seaweed)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Cheese (cube)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Pinch of Salt

These are the line ups of my ingredients. These ingredients are always available in our refrigerator so it is really easy to prepare.

TASTE: 8 over 10. 10 as the highest score.

Make you own too and comment it below. Tell me how it tastes.

For Syria


I don’t exactly know about what’s happening in Syria. All I know is Syria has been facing the civil war and the people there are wanting to escape but faced the tragedy.

My heart broke. Children died. Parents experience the painful situations. The people that they love was gone, was missing, and they felt abandoned. I know they couldn’t see this art that I made but at least some people could see this and do something too. Freedom for Syria. Love for Syria. This is for Syria.

Starting Again

I started having a blog since 2010. I created that blog because it was so mainstream to high school students (I was in high school that time). By then, I started collecting things that I like and things for reference. Looking at the other blogs helps me gain new information. I even befriend and met bloggers.

As time goes on, I always collect information and learn new things. However, this made become inactive. I felt bored and not enjoying blogging anymore. My blog was so messy and I hardly share my thoughts because I only have the mind-set of having more likes or followers.

It’s been a year since I last posted on my blog. But I didn’t stop checking other blog sites which made me strive to start again. I started checking Travel blogs, fashion blogs, to DIY blogs and so on. Now, I decided to make a better and organize blog. I gain so much information and I really need it to share to everyone now. I must start again. LET’S DO THIS!