Are you a photographer?

I don’t know.

Most people are asking if I am one. I don’t know. How do you define a photographer anyway? Is it by profession? By passion? By good shots and angles?

I love taking photos ever since I’m in high school. I like taking candid shots of my friends and people whom I don’t know. I love the innocent looks of every subject. People often ask, “How do you do it?” I just take more shots until I got the perfect pose. From then, I learned the different ways of taking pictures through internet and through my friends who take photography.

Oppo F1
Processed in VSCO: P6 Preset

Your photographer friend,



Remember your reveries


Remember me and the nights we stayed up late, like we’re watching stars togethere and not under the ceilings of our own homes- kilometer away from each other. Gazing, as we talked about things that matter and things that don’t.

Remember me and the times I bared my soul to you the way I never did with anyone else. Like stripping my clothes one by one until there was nothing left. Remember me and the unspoken thoughts I’ve always had, the bizarre situations we pondered upon. The things we will never let anybody else hear. Because nobody else understood.

Remember me like the way you remember every word to your favorite song. Play me on loop, add me on every playlist you have, listen to me every fucking minute until I am burned, I am etched in the back of your hear. I wanna be that song that haunts you, that song you unconsciously hum all day long.

Remember me like your favorite childhood memory. The one that brings a smile on your face. The one you like to reminisce every once in a while. The one you tell every one about. The one written in the pages of your tattered journal that you keep under your bed. The one you know you’d still remember no matter how old you’re going to get.

Remember me like the way I know I’m going to remember you.


No Coffee Challenge


On the the first week of January, I was so restless and sleepless. Actually, my Christmas holiday was not as fun as it should be. My days were so stressful and tiring which gave me sickness on New year’s eve. After that, my body got so numb though I know my body was tired. I was having a hard time getting good sleep and was so anxious as well. It’s like the weeks of in-taking caffeine and alcohol took effect after I got ill.

Few days after new year’s celebration, I realized that I haven’t had a cup of coffee. I wanted to but my body told me that it prefers the taste of water; that’s when I decided not to drink coffee for a month.

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Sunday Currently: First

This post wasn’t really written on Sunday which is a sad thing; I will be out somewhere relaxing with mah cousin this Sunday so I believe I won’t have time to blog. Anyways, I saw this gimmick from a blog I’m always visiting. I got curious and searched what this means, then I saw different articles. Different bloggers are actually doing this movement so I studied how it works, how to write one, and what to write. Now I got it. I’m way too excited to share my first Sunday Currently and continue writing with you guys.

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Holiday in Baguio + Frugal Travel Tips

I’ve been punching myself to be reminded that I must not visit Baguio on Christmas holidays! But I must still thankful that it happened ’cause I had a learning experience which I want to share with you guys if ever you decided to visit the city of Pines on Christmas season.

Since Baguio has lower temperature from the month of December to February, many people tend to go there to catch the freezing weather. The last time I went there was October then I blog about my musings and hacks (which there actually aren’t many hacks there). So, my third time was last December 26, 2016. The experience had given me mooooore hacks than I could experience.

So, if you’re planning to get a trip to Baguio on holidays, especially this coming February for Panagbenga Festival, let me give you these expectations.

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Dear Tote Bag Lovers


On the last month of year 2016, I suddenly had this eureka moment to paint my tote bag. I am actually fond of using tote bags like the one on the photo above since it’s simple and it looks good with whatever clothes I wear. Also, it doesn’t have any zippers or pockets. Going back, painting this bag was actually a trial if the paint that I’ll use won’t get fade if I wash it. Great thing it didn’t!

What’s actually my point of doing this? I like painting but painting using acrylic is not my forte; however, I was happy that the result was better than what I’d expected. Meaning, it’s a good signal for me to start a tote bag business.

I actually like painting and tote bags so I’m deciding to build a business this 2017. I’m already looking for suppliers for tote bags. I tried to look at OLX and I saw one.

If you guys have any tips for me to run this business successfully, please let me know. I don’t actually have any idea on how to start aside from creating my own business account on Instagram or on Facebook.

There are so much designs in my mind. I’m just getting anxious of how to start and how to make it successful. Hope to get any help!

Tote bag lover,


Travel hacks and musings in Baguio

Life hacks and musings_cover_CROP.png

It’s my second visit in Baguio. I can’t tell if my first time was not the best one since it’s just a day tour with my family. For the second time, I got triggered to visit again because of my cousin’s Baguio trip stories and it even coincide with my recent life issues.

Anyway, I’m supposed to go alone but my mom don’t want me to so I went there with a friend who hasn’t been to Baguio. It’s her first time so I was quite anxious that her first trip would be fun. For us to enjoy the trip, since we only have two days to stay, I created an itinerary for the first time.

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Adopt a Cat and a Dog Poster

I am fond of cats and dogs and been craving to have one lately. I used to have dogs – an aspin (Pinoy dog) and a pug which died with sickness because we’re living in a rural area and Vet clinics were hard to find.

Anyway, there’s so much posts on FB about cats and dogs. They are so cute and trigger me to have one. But I can’t have one. I want to adopt one. But I couldn’t get one. My family is so strict with house policy since we have kids at home and they’re health conscious.

I love dogs and fond of having a cat. Since I can’t adopt one but I love to help those rehab animals, I designed a poster which could possibly have them adopted.

I checked PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) page on FB and randomly took some photos.


These are the animals I put on my design. These are actually not an official poster and I was not contacted by the PAWS to  design for them, but these animals are actually in their rehab center; by any chance, I hope that this could help the society.

If you want to adopt one of them, please check their website for adoption procedures and you can visit the center so you could check more animals. However, in case that you can’t adopt but glad to help, the PAWS are open for volunteers.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society
They are closed on Sundays and Holidays.


Doge and kitty master,