Living in the island

It is somewhere you want to stay at for forever. People tend to go to the beach to relax. I actually like going to the beach but I don’t feel relax in a crowded place.

I’m living in the city and my life there is very special that I almost want to go to Mars to avoid the pollution and anxiety. Then there is Isla Verde.


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Travel hacks and musings in Baguio

Life hacks and musings_cover_CROP.png

It’s my second visit in Baguio. I can’t tell if my first time was not the best one since it’s just a day tour with my family. For the second time, I got triggered to visit again because of my cousin’s Baguio trip stories and it even coincide with my recent life issues.

Anyway, I’m supposed to go alone but my mom don’t want me to so I went there with a friend who hasn’t been to Baguio. It’s her first time so I was quite anxious that her first trip would be fun. For us to enjoy the trip, since we only have two days to stay, I created an itinerary for the first time.

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Adopt a Cat and a Dog Poster

I am fond of cats and dogs and been craving to have one lately. I used to have dogs – an aspin (Pinoy dog) and a pug which died with sickness because we’re living in a rural area and Vet clinics were hard to find.

Anyway, there’s so much posts on FB about cats and dogs. They are so cute and trigger me to have one. But I can’t have one. I want to adopt one. But I couldn’t get one. My family is so strict with house policy since we have kids at home and they’re health conscious.

I love dogs and fond of having a cat. Since I can’t adopt one but I love to help those rehab animals, I designed a poster which could possibly have them adopted.

I checked PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) page on FB and randomly took some photos.


These are the animals I put on my design. These are actually not an official poster and I was not contacted by the PAWS to  design for them, but these animals are actually in their rehab center; by any chance, I hope that this could help the society.

If you want to adopt one of them, please check their website for adoption procedures and you can visit the center so you could check more animals. However, in case that you can’t adopt but glad to help, the PAWS are open for volunteers.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society
They are closed on Sundays and Holidays.


Doge and kitty master,

If love enters…

If love enters between two worlds, change comes in. Change always comes. It will either have both people change gradually or briskly just to make both worlds compatible. This is like how Bella became a vampire, how people change their religion, how they switch into a different lifestyle, or how they left their social status.

Change happens all the time.

I talked to my mom when I was having my breakfast. My mind was active that morning and also it’s the perfect time for me to have a conversation with her. I opened up about the guy I like. She remembered him and repeated the story I told her before. Yeah. I told her that I have shared this guy to my trusted friend. Then, here’s my friend who gave me a “Not him” answer because he didn’t pass the qualification. Let’s say that “this” qualification is the number one thing I need for the future.

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My first night at Ludo

I didn’t expect to go here. My friends and I actually planned to go in a burger restaurant but we passed by at Ludo as we went to Sweet Ecstasy. It was drizzling  but the evening weather was hot. We walked at the very end of the street were the burger restaurant is located. The place was full packed. It was drizzling and our clothes were moist. There were no available seats. We stayed for 5 minutes outside the restaurant and thought of plan B.

LUDO. It was the only option. Actually there are lots of option but one of my friends is fond of board games so she markets this game bar. She won. Ayaw na rin namin mag-isip ng matagal at pumunta sa malayo dahil gabi na at sayang ang oras. The cafe is one block away from Sweet Ecstasy.  Continue reading “My first night at Ludo”

5 Sense of Clarence


Sense. I really put Sense not senses because of some OCD-ish reason.

Anyway, my friend and I talked about blogging. She’s actually a Tumblr blogger. One time, she had mentioned her ideas about blogging her week like for Monday, she’ll blog about food, on Tuesday about music and so on. She actually had a great idea. She gave me an idea on what I will post on my blog because I am not a creative blogger. The only problem was it was kinda tiring but I still wanted to do it.

So, I brainstorm until the end of my thinking capacity on how to put five topics in one post without ruining my other tags or categories.

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When Clarence met Clarence

I used to hate it  when I met someone who has the same spelling of my name. I didn’t show how much I dislike it  but there are always and always these times that I became close with them.

My name is supposed to be Trixy or Trixie or whatever the spelling is as long as it sounds like Pixie. However, I really thank the author who made the science book that my mom read when she was carrying me in her womb. She read it and saw the name Clarence.

I like it. It doesn’t sound feminine and masculine for me. And with so much curiosity, I googled it and basically looked for a scientist named Clarence. I found one on Wikipedia. He is Clarence Ellis, a computer scientist. I don’t think he is the same scientist as who my mom saw because his face is kinda modern and of course he is a computer scientist and computer is an advance device, so maybe he is not the one. However, while I was writing this – on the other hand, I was searching for other old scientist. There I found an old portrait of a medical scientist named Clarence John Blake. It’s pretty cool that I hardly find information about him.

Just like him, living with this name is bit hard ’cause I can’t find any personalize item with my name on it though it’s no big deal. I think it is a relief for me when I find someone who has the name as mine.

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Visiting the National Museum for FREE!


Hello there!

It is a great opportunity for me (and for my mom) to visit the National Museum. I always want to see what’s inside this building. My curiosity always activates whenever I pass by at this building when I go to the mall. But I guess, this is a perfect month for me to have a tour in this museum – for FREEEEE!

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