Love makes me cringe

:  to recoil in distaste


Don’t get me wrong. I love LOVE. I actually receive this everyday. Receiving and giving love is like an apple, it keeps bad things away (but I don’t say doctors are bad. Haha.) However, it makes me cringe. Am I saying that I hate love and it disgusts me? No. As what I’ve mentioned, I love LOVE. It is just so happen that people nowadays have been using love differently. THAT’S WHAT MAKES ME CRINGE. I don’t wanna cite examples but in general, Love has been used selfishly. Love has been defined differently. Love has been used for abominable things which is why Love becomes bitter for many.

There are different aspects of Love; but, let’s focus on the relationship, which is everyone’s fave.

After reading a self-published book of a friend, “LOVE is BLOG“, it made me understand more about love especially to those who are looking for their “The One” or the single people. I even saw the perception of guys pertaining to love. And, getting hope that love is still not dead.


Living single for two decades has not pressured me to speak about love. Tackling about this might get comments from people asking me what I know about love if I haven’t experienced it. One thing is for sure, I have been witnessing and understanding love for two decades. It doesn’t mean that I have to go to a relationship first before I understand love. It is my advantage, by the way, that before I meet the right one for me, I am ready because I have known love so much already. For now, I am still on the process.

Going back, after reading the book “LOVE is BLOG“, I thought about my future. Am I really preparing myself? Do I have plans already? But apart from it, I thought about the youth. The youths were boxed with a different definition of love. Since it’s meaning has been changing, they arrived in this world meeting the new definition. This book will indeed help them understand their selves about their favorite, love.

Dear young gentlemen,
I know you are looking for your princess. Let me tell you this, she’s hard to find. She is not hiding, but she is waiting, preparing herself before your arrival. Again, she is preparing, meaning, she is making herself beautiful, not only with her looks but with every aspect of her life. She is preparing her mind, her heart, her future, and everything about her. So, before you arrive, make yourself worth the wait. Improve yourself, get good grades, get good job, make your personality inspiring, make savings, make your mind ready. Make everything about you worth the wait. Once you arrive, let her out and be your future. Do not arrive just to see her then you go home. Remember, what you trained for yourself is for the future with her. So, if you’re not yet readydo not awaken love.

Dear young ladies, 
I know you are looking for your man. Let me tell you this, he doesn’t show up easily. He will come for sure. When he arrives, he will love you, respect you and keep you pure. Your man is different from whoever else came. So, don’t give your “yes” so easily. When he arrives, I bet you’re ready. For now, while you are waiting, wait patiently. Wait without playing love. Wait while making yourself perfect and worth his arrival. When he arrives but you are not yet ready, do not be hasty. The right man can wait for you patiently and he understands your preparation. Take your time, my dear princess. Love will come at the perfect time. 

It’s funny how I think about the youth rather than thinking about myself. I guess I am also thinking about my guy if he’s preparing his self. If you’re finding yourself lost in love, I guess you have to understand more about it. This book might prepare you for your future. It will surely give you tips and eureka.

If you want a copy of his book, you check Dr. Eamer’s blog o message him at

As finale, I want to share with you my favorite love song. :’)

Alagad ng pag-ibig,


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    1. Talaga ba? Kung ano lumabas sa isip ko ‘yon nilalagay ko. Nakakatuwa kung ganun. Mahirap maging alagad ng pag-ibig kapag mag-isa (corny!) ✌ 😁😁

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